Friday, April 22, 2011

From the Serious to the Sad to the Silly

Anderson Cooper was back in the 360 anchor chair and opened with the latest news out of Syria. Keeping them honest; with blood on the streets in Syria and blood on the hands of a dictator who promises reform, but continues to kill his own people.

BLOODY CRACKDOWN IN SYRIA, Eyewitness speaks out: Anderson interviews a man in Syria


BLOODY CRACKDOWN IN SYRIA, Scores of peaceful protesters reportedly killed by govt.: Anderson's interview with Ted Kattouf, Frmr. U.S. Ambassador to Syria

NEW AIRSTRIKES IN TRIPOLI: A report by Anderson Cooper

GOVT: DEADLY AIRSTRIKE NEAR GADHAFI COMPOUND, Regime claims 3 people killed, no confirmation from NATO: Anderson's interview with Fred Pleitgen in Tripoli and Reza Sayah in Beghanzi




CLEAR-EYED COURAGE, Remembering photojournalist Tim Hetherington: Anderson Cooper and Sebastian Junger


COUNTDOWN TO THE ROYAL WEDDING, William and Kate's tale of love: A report by Tom Foreman

Anderson and Isha discussed the upcoming nuptials...


...and silliness ensued.

And the entire Royal Wedding Etiquette Lesson video from the AC360 blog ~

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

Note: I checked the AC360 Website this morning and found that is has been completely reformatted. And I must say, it was a pleasant surprise. I really like the new look and the new layout. Well done, AC360. If you haven't had a chance, you may wish to check it out -


Anderson spoke of a photograph that Tim Hetherington took of him during his tribute to Tim tonight. This is the photo ~

And a couple of more photos Tim took during that 2009 Afghanistan trip with Anderson/AC360 ~

Sebastian Junger wrote a very touching tribute to Tim for Vanity Fair.

Sebastian Junger Remembers Tim Hetherington
The death of an incomparable photojournalist, killed on April 20 while covering the conflict in Libya, is recounted by his collaborator, confrère, and friend. Here is part of that tribute ~

You had this idea that young men in combat act in ways that emulate images they’ve seen—movies, photographs—of other men in other wars, other battles. You had this idea of a feedback loop between the world of images and the world of men that continually reinforced and altered itself as one war inevitably replaced another in the long tragic grind of human affairs.

That was a fine idea, Tim—one of your very best. It was an idea that our world very much needs to understand. I don’t know if it was worth dying for—what is?—but it was certainly an idea worth devoting one’s life to. Which is what you did. What a vision you had, my friend. What a goddamned terrible, beautiful vision of things.

Click here for the full article.


Devna Shukla, an Associate Producer for CNN's AC360°, added a new post to her blog eatocracy on This entry is titled Fame Bites - Kelly Ripa; and contained the following. To see the full post/interview, please click here.

What is one food that reminds you of Anderson [Cooper], who often fills in when Regis takes time off?
"That is such a loaded question! Probably peanut butter and jelly. Or pecan pie. He loves pecan pie. He’s got that New Orleans-Mississippi-Southern thing in him. I think it comes out when he eats.

There are a lot of other foods I’d associate with him but I can’t go there."

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK last nite. Anderson's tribute to Tim Hetherington was very touching and moving, he did a very good job with it. Also liked his interview with Sebastian Junger. I hope Isha is on with Anderson a good bit next week covering the wedding. Their banter tonite was too funny. Love the video of Isha trying to teach Anderson about the wedding. Too funny when he spit the cracker out.

Anonymous said...

Good to have Anderson back, a bit surprised he showed up for Friday instead of taking the whole week off. I wonder if one of the reasons was to pay tribute to Tim Hetherington before getting to London and all the wedding madness next week. Lovely tribute from both Anderson and Sebastian Junger.

The news from Syria and Libya seemed to blend together; almost like they're the same place but just at different stages of revolution.

It was very cute seeing Isha tutor Anderson on royalty. I would have told Anderson to pronounce "Ma'am" like the name of British writer (Somerset) Maugham.

Looking forward to seeing Anderson anchor 360 from London. Crumpets and tea, fish and chips, bangers and mash and Mind the Gap (but really, what are the chances Anderson will be taking the Tube anywhere?)


Chi said...

Gonna watch Tim's Diary 2010 now. It seems inappropriate to laugh while we have sad news of Tim's death. But :D Haha AC is so natural and funny!!!

Chi said...

And really like Isha as well :D

Anonymous said...

@jaanza- the news from Syria are actually different and very troubling. It's been going on for a while and I was wondering why they haven't really reported anything, while spending so much time on Libya. The bloodshed goes on today, as they try to bury those who died yesterday and the army is shooting at people in the funerals. Assad is a ruthless man, and his Iranian allies are helping him kill his own people. He brought back most of his army from border post etc., they all gather in the cities and villages in order to fight the rebels. I don't know if they stand any chance, Assad will stop at nothing to break them. I liked the discussion with Ted Kattouf, he clearly knows Syria very well, and is able to explain the complexity of the situation without trying to push any agenda, like Fouad Ajami for instance. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to see Anderson on for just Friday night, but so glad he was.

Your title for this blog post was very appropriate and so true. We had a little bit of everything.

Anderson's tribute to Tim Hetherington was so moving. He is such a good writer I have seen comments this morning of people (not here) saying Anderson should not have included himself in the pictures and I have to disagree. He did it to show what kind of pictures Tim took of him, not to put himself into the story. After all the guy had traveled with him and was just doing his job including Anderson in the shots. Just bothers me when people think Anderson tries to put himself into stories.

Good discussion with Sebastian Junger and Anderson.

Love the piece with Anderson and Isha. Needed it after the news out of Syria and Libya.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

the 360 live blog seems to be gone. thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed 360 last night. Anderson's tribute to his friend was moving. I wish Anderson would write more. I also enjoyed the segment with Isha,shows what Anderson is like off the set. I really like his personality, very funny.If he gets the right producer for his daytime show he could be very good at it.

The ATA Team said...

Thank you to our anonymous proof reader. We always appreciate the help.

And to our Jewish readers Pesach Same'ach

Anonymous said...

Will Anderson be in London Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?

aries moon said...

Really good show last night--Anderson's fine remembrance of Tim Hetherington really gave a strong sense of who he was and what made him so unique (I agree with everyone who says AC should write more). The interview with Sebastian Junger was one of the best and most enlightening ones that I've seen on the show in a while.

I'm still not thrilled about the upcoming royal wedding coverage, but one upside is watching AC and Isha banter about it--the full video of that is hysterical.

BTW, I think the Live Blog is still on the 360 website--it was there last night, but just not as prominent or noticeable.

Anonymous said...

CNN really has no choice but to cover the wedding.Sorta of damned if the do or don't

judy said...

@The ATA Team:
Much thanks for including your seasonal good wishes for people of the Jewish faith celebrating Passover.
AC's tribute to Tim Hetherington was particularly touching and heartfelt.

Chris said...

My favorite comment by Anderson during the bit with Isha in the office was when she asked if he going to wear an ascot. "I've been trying to get away from ascots my entire life." HA. Spoken like a true Vanderbilt!