Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday



pebbles said...

I just want to say Isha and AC are hilarious together. They posted a video on the AC360 blog with Isha schooling AC on royal etiquette. I loved the end part of the video. I had a good laugh after seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone have a safe Easter.
Anderson will be back Friday

Anonymous said...

Randi Kaye anchored Thursday's 360 and it was pretty good. She had a terrific Q & A with a Louisiana state senator (or rep, didn't catch his name) about Louisiana's birther bill which he co-sponsored. The guy was a typical slithery politician who gave weasely answers to Randi's questions.

And then Jeffrey Toobin and Gloria Bolger had a good discussion on the Constitutionality/legality of Louisiana's bill.

Thie was follwed by an update on Libya which just seemed like more deja vu - another airstrike, another speech by Gadhafi's son, more pictures of government forces behaving horribly. I changed the channel.

But I got back in time for the Royal Wedding segment and Randi had fun asking Richard Quest questions about Kate and the whole broohaha coming next Friday.

Who's getting up early to watch Anderson and Quest and CNN cover the wedding live? Not me even though I hope William and Kate have a good marriage.


Anonymous said...

Did Randi say that Anderson would be back tonight?

Anonymous said...

yes, Anderson is back tonight. He twitter( tweeted?) this

ACAnderFan said...

@pebbles, that video is hilarious! I love Anderson spitting out the cracker.

Anonymous said...

The only reason we'll be watching the royal wedding is because we live in the UK & it will be on every channel 24/7!!!


Anonymous said...

I just checked out the AC360 blog! They have (finally) updated and re-formatted it. It's awesome now!! and they added a section for (my personal fav) the Ridiculist, and a section for behind the scenes action of 360! Great work AC360!

Tedi B said...

I like the new 360 page better, too. It's orgainized a lot better.

I'll be up to watch the wedding...I was up early as a little girl to watch Charles and Diana so it's kind of a tradition.

mara cancia said...

This picture seems to be a tribute to the many journalists and photoreporters who lost their lives while trying to report the truth. Pity our politicians (I am writing from Italy) do not share the same idea of "truth".
Wishing you a Happy Easter.