Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan, Libya, DC and Twitter

REPORTS: JAPAN'S NUCLEAR THREAT LEVEL MAY RISE, Currently at 5, could go to 7, the same level as Chernobyl: Michael Friedlander, Jim Walsh and Kyung Lah

by Anderson Cooper


BUDGET BATTLE ON CAPITAL HILL, House working on bill to fund govt. through Sept.: Dana Bash, Ed Henry and David Gergen

FOLLOW UP: Cornell Belcher, Dana Loesch and David Gergen

BRAVERY IN LIBYA: Alleged rape victim pleads for help, wants to go home:
Anderson Cooper talks again with Eman al-Obeidy


GADHAFI REGIME TRIES TO CONTROL MESSAGE, N.Y.Times journalist on staged events in Tripoli: David Kirkpatrick



If you've been a fan of Anderson Cooper for any length of time you probably realize he has a wicked sense of humor and does not suffer fools gladly.Twitter has proven this point quite well in the last few weeks. Here are a few examples.

People have continued to question whether AC is writing his own tweets. Mind you he didn't tweet regularly until fairly recently and his Twitter bio says "A behind the scenes look at 'Anderson Cooper 360 written by Anderson Cooper and the show's correspondents and producers. " but hey what's a little technicality when you're the Silver Fox?
Tonight again someone questioned the veracity of a tweet and Cooper shot back with 'blah, blah, blah'. Here's the exchange:

Not Cooper's first 'blah, blah, blah'. Here's another one from a few weeks back:

And my all time favorite Anderson Cooper Twitter response was to a follower who questioned his coverage of Eman al-Obeidy. Just in case you don't get the nuance Cooper was being totally sarcastic and BTW she has since changed her Twitter name.

That's it for me tonight. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

So glad to see the return of the RidicuList to 360. Loved it! Anderson was particularly snarky tonite and it was great. Loved him making fun of the fact that people think he wears a toupee and said he refuses to pay no more than $16 for a hair cut. Very funny tonite!

Anderson's blah blah blah tweets are great! I love when ge gets snakry with people, especialy people who deserve it.

judy said...

What was not funny is that Japan keeps having after shocks that are sufficiently large enough and scary for those who have already suffered enough.
I don't know whether I'm the only one but skype bothers me. The transmission is of poor quality on CNN most of the time and it's as though the person is speaking through a tunnel or an echo chamber.
Perhaps its cheaper than broadband
but until it's perfected adequately, viewers should not be exposed to it.
Just when you think "she's gone" that Loesch woman reappears.
I have an idea Dana. Since you don't want the debt ceiling raised, and we're in a fiscal crisis and have to reduce spending, why don't we start by seeing LESS of YOU. Surely there's a conservative contributor that's cheaper and far more appealing.
Good to see the Riculist back and I for one, never thought AC wore a toupee.

aries moon said...

So far Anderson's kept his word about attempting to tweet more often now that he has over one million followers, I like how he tries to answer questions and give updates on 360 reports. He's always had this sharp tongue and dry wit--it was one of the things I liked about him back on 360 Red. I saw that tweet from the one woman who changed her Twitter name and thought his response was hilarious and classic AC. Was happy to see the return of the Ridiculist. Who ARE these people who think Anderson's wearing a toupee?

Anonymous said...

Still how do you now it's really Anderson tweeting? He makes enough money to have someone do it for him. I'm a skeptic.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Will Cain to replace Dana Loesch as the conservative contributor on AC360. I disagree with almost everything he says, but he presents his argument well, seems informed and doesn't blatantly lie. All qualities Loesch is lacking. Plus he's a younger conservative which is an interesting demographic.

Anonymous said...

The moment Dana Loesch comes on, AC360 goes off. I am a long and faithful viewer, but I have reached my tolerance level with her.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy hearing different perspectives about politics. However, dana loesch is rude and cuts off the other guess. Anderson needs to control the panels when she is on. He allows her to do whatever she wants. She has the motto if I yell the loudest I am right. When she comes on I take a break. Have not turned yet, because I am a Neilson family and they no when I turn.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:43 AM

I doubt that Anderson would pay someone JUST to answer tweets.

But I do have to agree with Phebe. If his bio claims that he isn't the only one who tweets on that account he can't be suprised at the amount of tweets he receives doubting that it is actually Anderson. I remember when he used to tweet "From AC:" Maybe he should return to that.

Either way it doesn't matter to me if he is tweeting or if it's 360staff. Most of the tweets are news related. His tweets are rarely personal. If they are personal I'll give the benefit of the doubt that he tweeted it.

I don't understand why people would feel slighted if he wasn't the one tweeting.

Anonymous said...

@11:12am - If I was a Neilsen family, my channel would definitely turn every time Loesch came on. I'm glad you hesitate to take ratings way from 360, but having her on isn't deserving of support.

Her giggles and eyerolls are offensive. Having her on the show is basically CNN saying that they like when pretty girls talk regardless if they are qualified or even able to make a valid point.

Last summer, Anderson Cooper described Andrew Breitbat as a bully. It is inexcusable to give his Editor-in-Chief a forum on CNN where she can use the same bullying tactics on other panelists.

Tedi B said...

I have to say I enjoyed Anderson's Ridiculist tonight. I've always wondered why anyone would think his hair was a toupee? Glad he put that to rest!

I do believe Anderson is tweeting on his own account but I don't think he used to do it a lot when it was also the account for his show. I'm glad they seperated them.

Anonymous said...

I think it's silly that people are expecting deeply personal tweets from AC. He's always valued his privacy. Shame others can't respect that.

I'm glad they have separated the his account and the 360 account. It was silly to waste characters with "from ac" when you only get 140. And pretty sad that people have nothing better to do with their time than to worry about who tweets from his account.

Anonymous said...

I've always suspected that people from AC360 read ATA but now there seems to be proof. Anderson Cooper's Twitter bio changed since Phebe's post last night. It now says 'written by Anderson Cooper', no more mention of producers and writers. Way to go ladies.

Anonymous said...

If AC really did read ATA, he'd wave his magic AC wand, and have Dana Loesch disappear.
No one on this blog likes her and if we're a sampling of his demographic, I have a feeling we are not alone.
And....according to Wikipedia, she dropped out of college. This "pundit know-it-all," doesn't even have a college degree!

Anonymous said...

Dana Loesch is where she is because some guy thinks she looks good. I wonder who she slept with at cnn to get hired by them?

Anonymous said...

Anderson had a funny twitter tonight. He said they were going to check on the stray dogs tonight in Japan? Some kid whose picture on twitter was him flexing his muscles, responded that Anderson should be worried about the people in Japan instead.
Anderson's response was hilarious. He told the kid to " keep flexing little man, you'll get there".

Anonymous said...

The kid closed his twitter.LOL!

Parker said...

I rest my case.... after last week’s contentious debate here on ATA on keeping Eman Al-Obeidy’s story in the News, if nothing else convinces the naysayers who’d rather see her story put to rest, this for me is justification enough..

Quote: “Please don’t forget me. Please remain in touch with me, because my hope relies a lot on you.” End Quote.

No stronger statements will haunt me more in the days to come, then that silent, quiet, dignified plea from Eman Al-Obeidy as displayed last night, as she asked Anderson to keep her story alive. Again, hats off to Anderson for his commitment to her plight.

@Anon 3.38 pm – I couldn’t agree more. Moreover, I love the way he shrugs off the non-believers. Way to go Anderson! There’s just no satisfying everyone!!