Sunday, April 24, 2011

NOLA, Haiti & London

I hope everyone had a 'Hoppy' Easter. While Anderson was on vacation much of the past week, AC360 included a few Anderson interviews in the repeat hour; one in the live hour; and one was posted to the 360 Website. In case you missed it, we have it covered for you; along with some other goodies.

MONDAY: Perry's Principle ~

The letters SAT have long caused high school students to cringe, the test is key in deciding what colleges or universities high school students will attend or even if they will go to college at all. In today's edition of "Perry's Principles" our education contributor Steve Perry asks, is it a fair examination.~

TUESDAY: Gulf Oil Spill Montage ~

At first it seemed like a story about trying to find those people, rescuing those people and dealing with the explosion. ... Because remember, the first couple of weeks, there was no real sign of oil coming ashore. But until you actually see it, I think a lot of people didn't it really seem, it didn't seem real. ... I think it took us a while to realize how un-transparent BP was being. ~

TUESDAY: Building Up America ~

In tonight's "Building up America" report, the famed keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, Chuck Leavell. In his off hours, when he's not with the band, he's on his rural farm in Georgia, a tree farm. He writes about his new passion in a new book that's called "Growing a Better America". He recently spoke with Anderson. Here's a look at the interview. ~

TUESDAY: Posted to - Anderson's interview with the wives of two survivors of the Gulf rig explosion

Rig survivors' wives, kids also victims of Deepwater Horizon disaster - For the wife of at least one survivor of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, April 20, 2010 is the day she lost her husband. Meccah Boynton-Brown says although her husband Doug made it off the ill-fated rig, he will never be the same. ~

WEDNESDAY: Anderson's interview with Survivors of the Gulf rig explosion

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with three survivors of the Deepwater Horizon explosion about the last year of their lives... These three survivors first told us their story in the weeks after the rig exploded. A year later, they say they're still living with the horror of that night, still carrying the memories of the 11 men, men they call their fallen brothers, who didn't make it. ~

FRIDAY: This week's CNN Hero

This week's hero is a man named Jeff Parness. Like a lot of New Yorkers, he was changed by 9/11 and vowed to never forget the outpouring of support the city received after the attack. Well, since 2004, he's been saying "thank you" and he started a cycle of paying it forward that snowballed across the U.S. Take a look. ~

HAITI - A couple of weeks ago we learned... "CNN's ANDERSON COOPER will also get a special award from COMPAS ON BROADWAY because of his tireless work covering the earthquake in Haiti + more." The award ceremony was held last night (Saturday, April 23rd) at the Lincoln Center in NYC


A huge surprise occurred when CNN’s Anderson Cooper appeared on stage. (The press had previously been told that he would only make an appearance via pre-recorded video.) Cooper mentioned how Haiti was in his heart every day, and that although Haiti is small, it’s people are giants. Haitians in the audience, who have always appreciated his work on reporting Haitian events gave him a rousing, standing ovation.

Anderson Cooper at Haitian Music Awards - courtesy of

Anderson Cooper was given an Award for his tireless coverage of the Jan 12th earthquake in Haiti by COB (COMPAS on Broadway) last night...Here's a clip of his acceptance speech... ~

A couple of more photos from the event ~

and a backstage interview ~


From Richard Quest's Royal Wedding Special that aired Saturday on CNN ~

Anderson Cooper joins me on the line. Anderson, for you what will be the moment, the moment that you're waiting for?

The commercial for CNN's coverage of the Royal Wedding began airing last weekend ~

And the AC360 Live in London Commercial that began airing this weekend ~

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ACAnderFan said...

Love the video of Anderson calling in to talk to Richard Quest. Cannot wait for the two of them to be together, that should be pretty amusing!

Anderson in the bunny costumne is cute!

Anonymous said...

I guess Anderson already flew to England? That is what he says in the video. I thought AC 360 would only be live from England starting on Wed.

aries moon said...

Thanks for posting the clips from COMPAS on Broadway--it's nice to see how much Anderson's work in Haiti is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is on AC 360 tonight. I hope Anderson talks to Trump, presents facts, and than ends this talk about where the president was born on his show.