Monday, April 18, 2011

Richard Quest, Fashion and Kitten Heels

Soledad O'Brien was in the AC360 anchor chair tonight subbing for Anderson Cooper.

As the Royal Wedding approaches we'll take the opportunity to look back at clips from the ATA archives. Richard Quest is the common denominator in tonight's clips. He, along with Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan, will be among the hosts for CNN's coverage of the wedding on April 29th. .

On April 3, 2009 Anderson Cooper was winding up his coverage of the Obama's official visit in London with the Queen. He and Quest got into a discussion about First Lady Fashion and 'kitten' heels.

That discussion segued into talk of kitten heels and engagements with Erica Hill.


Anderson's Snooki rant was shown on E!News:

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ACAnderFan said...

I love Anderson with Richard Quest. He seems to really bring out the Andergiggles. The coverage of the royal wedding should be amusing.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that the ATA team feels that Soledad O'Brien is not important enough to anchor.
While I don't expect the team to go into a lengthy analysis of what news transpired, it is an insult to Afro-Americans that read this blog to ignore her efforts anchoring 360.
Richard Quest should have been left for next week.
As it happens Soledad should be anchoring Kate Middleton's wedding as well.
Not everyone is interested in trite nonsense.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 1:13am, typically when Anderson is off ATA will go into the ATA vault and post clips that haven't been seen in a while. I don't think its anything against Soledad. I personally like that ATA posts fun clips like they did tonite.

Anonymous said...

I tuned in a few minutes late; did Soledad O'Brien say why Anderson wasn't there?

@ Anon 1:13 AM - Soledad O'Brien is a great newswoman. However, I did not watch 360 because I already watched Lawrence O'Donnell earlier and it seemed like O'Brien was going to cover the same material. And lately, I'm more of an Anderson fan than a 360 fan.

Richard Quest is engaging and witty but I read some other interesting ideas. One was having Russell Brand anchor the coverage of the wedding. The other was having Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie do it as their Blackadder characters.

Because sometimes trite nonsense is wildly entertaining and much appreciated.


The ATA Team said...

@anonymous 1:13 AM, Did you notice that we didn't outline John King’s subbing for AC on Friday night either? We mean no slight to John or Soledad, we just need a break. Even unpaid bloggers who post "trite nonsense" deserve some vacation time.
We're sorry if we disappointed you but if you think so little of us to say we would skip covering Soledad because she's "Afro-American" then you don't know us at all.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Anderson will be back tomorrow? When is the Gulf special? I thought it was today.

Anonymous said...

a producer said Soledad will be anchoring all week.

K said...

@ Jaanza
I could go with a bit of Fry and Laurie. I suppose you mean Blackadder season four?

@ anon. 1:13 am
I don't get it? Why should African Americans care about Soledad just because they share the same race? I'm an Anderson-fan and if he isn't on, I see the first ten minutes of 360 and then tune out. Soledad's style puts me off a bit too. She seemed too irate about the Obama-pic last night. The pic was so incredible grotesque it didn't need her anger and it made me a little irritable.

I'm ½ black, ½ white, but still not in the habit of watching someone just because the color of their skin match my own. If the Pale Newt isn't on, I'm not watching.

Anonymous said...

I do not care if she is purple, when she comes on I turn. BORING. I see her everywhere on CNN. Are they trying to give her Anderson's show?

Phebe said...

@12:28PM, Actually they are trying to give her John King's time slot according to the rumor mills.

Anonymous said...

I guess Anderson is off all week. Good for him. I do not care for the people subbing for Anderson though. I was going to leave my tv on so AC 360 gets my Neilson #'s, but I am not going too.( we are a neilson family) CNN is pushing o'Brien a little to much. I find her a little boring.

Anonymous said...

I quite like Soledad and enjoyed her last night. But I don't come to "All Things Anderson Cooper" for Soledad reviews. That said, I'd love to see her in John King's slot.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe I hope you are wrong about Soledad being given John King's time slot. While I think Soledad is probably a fine person (I don't know her) and has done some good correspondent work, I do not like her as an anchor. It has nothing to do with the fact she's a woman or the color of her skin. I just don't like her tone, nor do I feel that she has the personality to be a strong anchor. Not everyone is anchor material -- and it has nothing to do with how nice a person they are or the color of their skin. To me she has a preachy/teacher tone that just turns me off -- JMO.

To Anon 1:13am - you must be new to ATA. When Anderson is on vacation (more than a day off) the Team takes a vacation and goes to the "vault." As a reader, I enjoy the funnies. And just as Anderson earns his vacation and deserves time off, so do the ladies of ATA.

Thanks for the Anderson/Richard Quest funnies. I remember those broadcasts and the two of them together were hilarious. Thanks for the look back.

I'm looking forward to Anderson covering the Royal Wedding -- Piers Morgan, not so much. I, for one, am glad Soledad is not part of the coverage. I remember her being part of the Michael Jackson memorial/funeral coverage and she never shut up. It was very annoying as a viewer.

Anonymous said...

If Soledad gets John King's spot, what will John King be doing?

Anonymous said...

May be King will be doing all the boring one hour specials that O'Brien is doing now.
I am sure she is a nice person, but I do not enjoy her work and feel CNN is trying to push her.

Anonymous said...

O'Brien is live from New Orleans tonight subbing for Anderson. I would rather Anderson be in New Orleans and take his vacation next week during the royal snoozefest. I am disapointed.