Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royal Etiquette AC360 Style

AC360 was live from New Orleans tonight with Soledad O'Brien anchoring for Anderson Cooper.

As we work out way closer and closer to the Royal Wedding we all need a refresher course on royal etiquette. Here are a few clips from March 31, 2009 we'll call royal etiquette AC360 style.

The first clip is of Anderson Cooper quizzing Jacqueline Whitmore, who bills herself as America's leading etiquette expert.

On that night AC360 also had Erica Hill interview Letitia Baldrige who is America's manners expert and also the former White House social secretary to Jacqueline Kennedy.

It wouldn't be a vintage ATA post without something to make you chuckle. Here are Erica and Anderson checking out the AC360 crew's ability to curtsy.


An ATA reader alerted us to the news that Anderson's segment with Chef José Andrés for 60 Minutes has been nominated for a James Beard Award in the television category. The winner will be announced at a dinner on May 6th in NYC. To learn more follow the links. 1. 2.

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ACAnderFan said...

Love the clip of the 360 crew trying to curtsy. The 360 crew cracks me up when they do things like that.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why Soledad was in NOLA last night. All she did was stand in the park - program could have been anchored out of the NYC studio just as easily. What's up with the baseball cap when anchoring anyway?

The best part of the program was the opening montage. I hope there is more to the part where AC and other's reflected on the spill and covering the event; and I hope we get to see it.

Rob Marciano has a good field report on Charter Boat Captains, but that got posted to the 360 blog and we got more of Nungesser ranting in the park on the program. I'm sorry, but I had my fill of that last summer.

I hope Anderson and the ladies of ATA are enjoying their respective vacations. I enjoyed the Royal Etiquette clips - much more than anything I saw on 360 Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

If my memory is serving me correctly, Anderson did not go to NOLA right away when the oil leak first happened, and that he he didn't give it much coverage even on the broadcast. I want to say it was several weeks before he went down there.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4/20/11 2:05 AM: if you recall, all Anderson did was stand in the park for weeks talking to the same 2 or 3 people. Nunnsberger (sp?) et al. I found it somewhat befuddling he spent all that time down there with the same thing every night.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Phebe, it seems the natives are getting restless and nasty as of late. If Anderson isn't one they are ready to riot, but when he is on all they do is complain about the news being covered. Well, it's being covered a they still don't like it, I just don't get it.

Phebe said...

@Broadway Bound Bunny, I guess you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

@ATA readers,Picturessurfaced overnight of Anderson on vacation in Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, thanks for the photos. I enjoyed the pictures , but also feel bad because he is on vacation.

K said...

I read the five comments posted so far, and I do get the point, but still...I'm very disappointed.

All that time and energy and compassion last year? The oil dripping from his fingers, the soaked birds, his father's New Orleans trying to cope with yet another disaster after Katrina. And what do we get to see one year after? A Soledad with her teeth clenched sporting a baseball cap. (Why was she wearing a cap? The mystery baffles me)

I hate when journalists forget about their own stories. Especially since a lot of nameless victims are still suffering from the oilspill. Apparently Snooki, Gaga, Will and Kate are more interesting.

Holland? That's almost my neck of the woods. I'll be gullible and assume that store is selling clogs...

Anonymous said...

In anderson's defense maybe CNN did not give him a choice on covering the wedding or the oil spill
Or maybe he just needed a vacation

Anonymous said...

Dear K, AC isn't the only reporter who has connections to NOLA, Soledad did a lot of reporting during and after Katrina, and it's only because Jon Klein singled Anderson out that he is thought of as CNN's Saviour of NOLA. I do agree with you though that he seems to have forgot many of the promises he made to keep stories alive, but I fault CNN more for that than Anderson.

Final thought - if you all hate Soledad so much don't watch and then complain.

Anonymous said...

Well I watched o'Brien and complained. How else would I know too complain she is boring, if I did not watch?

K said...

Dear anon 1:40 PM.
My idea of AC's connection with New Orleans stems from his father living there when very young, a point AC has emphasized more than once on camera and in his book, always making it appear to be his second home.

The "savior of New Orleans" part I don't know about, but I followed this ordeal very closely last year, and believed (pretty naively) that AC too had a special emotional connection to the area. It turns out he didn't. If he had, I believe he would have been there yesterday, if not on camera, then on vacation. Even if it isn't Mardy Gras.

And..."don't watch and then complain?" I don't get it. Do you want me to complain about something I don't watch? I only watch the first ten minutes anyway, then I hit delete.

I really don't think I have to defend myself against the accusation that I hate Soledad O'Brien. It is possible to be utterly bored with someone without hating them. Michelle Bachmann comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Anderson being on vacation, but why mislead people? All weekend and even on Monday they were running promos on CNN with a picture of Anderson and talking about the anniversary of the BP oil spill. Why have his picture on the ad giving the impression Anderson was going to be covering the story from New Orleans? You tune in to hear his report and end up with Soledad or another sub and no explanation as to where he is or why he suddenly isn't covering a story that he seemed so involved with. It's disappointing and irritating. Eventually people are going to just stop watching. Keeping em honest? Maybe they should practice what they preach!

Anonymous said...

@9:08PM: You are correct. AC has become their "hook" to get viewers.
There is no reason to lean on one person as much as they lean on him.
This is the reason their ratings continue a downward spiral.
If he's in the Gulf he has to be on the SIT Room even if Wolf gets decent ratings anyway. If AC is in the Middle East, he's on everyone's program. This makes the entire lineup DEPENDENT on HIM.
Klein did this and now Jautz is doing the same thing with the same results. Disaster.