Saturday, April 09, 2011

Snakes? Yikes!

At the end of the 360 Bulletin on Thursday night's AC360, Anderson told Isha about collecting snakes as a child and a mishap with one in a taxi. Here's the clip ~

It "Got Me Thinking" about the night Erica Hill teased Anderson about a snake "experience" he had while filming Planet In Peril ~

It's at the end of "The SHOT" and he told Erica about collecting snakes as a child, but claimed "now they just creep me out". Here's the clip ~

In April 2009 John Zarrella was reporting about a python problem in Florida and Erica & Team 360 had a little "surprise" in the studio for Anderson ~

Something tells me they were a little disappointed when Anderson didn't freak out. Here's the clip ~

Anderson posted to the 360 Live Blog that night ~

i used to collect snakes as a child.. my first pet was a the person who said they didnt know they could open their mouths that wide, snakes can actually unhinge their jaws to swallow prey.

Perhaps if they had read Wyatt Cooper's book Families they would have known about Anderson's childhood pet snake, Sam ~

When he (Anderson) got his live snake for his sixth birthday (it's what he wanted), he let it curl around his fist and insisted that we set out to show it off around the neighborhood. We went to the barbershop, the stationery store, the coffee shop, the candy store, a men's shop, the florist, the bank - anywhere we were known - and we stopped to visit with every doorman who had a free moment. I'm afraid we even exhibited it to a few horrified strangers.

Anderson is a freckle-faced Huck Finn, fun-loving, witty, clever, quick, energetic, and inventive. He should live in the country, on a farm, with trees to climb, a river to play in, and all sorts of animals. He’s very much an outdoor boy. He passionately loves dogs, mice, rabbits, horses – anything that moves, and the wilder it is, the better. He sat one night watching, Sam, his beloved snake, curling around his hand, marveling that this wild creature actually belonged to him, and he asked it, with wonder in his voice, “Sam, is dis all a dream?”

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Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere you can still get the book? I looked on Amazon.

ACAnderFan said...

Love the clip of the snake crawling all over Anderson! Its funny that during PIP Anderson sometimes seemed freaked out by the snakes, yet he had them as a child.

"Families" is a good read and I recommend anyone who hasn't read it yet to try and read it. Wyatt is a very talented writer and has interesting stories to tell.

Tedi B said...

I love that part of the sweet and loving. It put a smile on my face tonight :)

Anon, I got to read the book by checking it out at the library. If your local one doesn't have it ask if they can get it for you via the Interlibrary loan system. It's really worth a read!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:24 PM Families is out of print, but there are some used book sellers on the web who have it. Barnes and Noble has it under used books and the price can range anywhere from 60.00 up to thousands if signed. At one time one copy went for 2000.00, but Wyatt had signed it. I got my copy for 65.00 a few years back off of Ebay and that was cheap.

I think it's time to pull it out and read it again.

Cherisa said...

Anon 11:24 - I found my copy on It was a little pricy for an old paperback but definitely worth it. A style of writing you just don't see much anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Forgot about checking the library.

ACAnderFan said...

I found my copy of "Families" on Amazon for $80. Its a little pricy, but its the hardback edition and in perfect condition.