Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to Head to London

Anderson was live in NYC tonight and jumped right in with the birther issue.

BIRTHPLACE FACTS, NOT BIRTHER FICTION Getting the story, straight from the source: Report by Gary Tuchman

TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN ON "BIRTHERISM" Claims Pres. Obama's birth certificate is "missing": Interview with Donald Trump


'BIRTHER' BATTLE White House reacts to CNN investigation: Discussion with Ed Henry and Cornell Belcher

BLOODY CRACKDOWN IN SYRIA Regime sends tanks, soldiers to quell protests: Interview with Razan Zaytouni

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

THE MOTHER OF THE GROOM Diana's influence on William's life and wedding: Report by Randi Kaye

THE MOTHER OF THE GROOM Diana's influence on William's life and wedding: Continued discussion with Isha Sesay

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I thought Anderson did a good job with part II of his interview with Donald Trump. He did the best he could with someone who has an answer for everything. No matter how many times Anderson tried to present facts Trump had a contradictory answer. These bithers are ridiculous.

I liked Randi Kaye's piece about Prince William and his mother.

The RidicuList was great tonite, snakry Anderson at his best. Does Levi Johnston really think anyone is going to read his book?

judy said...

This 360 was pretty much a rehash of last nites show questioning Trump about the birther issue.
I too, liked Randi Kaye's report on the influence Princess Di had on William. It is hard to believe 14 years have gone by since her death.
Good to see Isha doing lengthy reports from London. If CNN were smart, they'd promote her the way Fox promoted Harris Faulkner-to the anchor chair.
But then Ken Jautz is no Roger Ailes.
No, no one wants to read Levi's book. That's no surprise. The surprise is that he's able to multi-task and read and write at the same time.

aries moon said...

Evidently AC360 is not through with Trump yet--next they're going to subject us to his opinions on China and other issues. What for? After all his birther nonsense, I don't give a hoot what he thinks about anything. He may not even run to begin with.

A good Ridiculist--Anderson's sarcastic delivery is great. I don't know who's more desperate for attention, Palin or Levi.

Anonymous said...

Gary Tuchman must love this assignment - go to Hawaii and talk to nice government officials. Quite a change from some desert outpost with unpleasant religious zealots. Hope he was able to bring his wife and kids and go surfing after filing a couple great reports.

Regarding Trump and the birther topic: to paraphrase Toobin, you can't reason with unreasonable people. However, I kind of like the idea of seeing presidential candidates college transcripts just to find out why Sarah Palin went to six colleges.

True story - I commented to my DH how Ed Henry was doing a terrific Max Headroom impression and five seconds later Anderson said almost the same thing. It's a mind meld!

Of course they're inevitable this week but please no more schmaltzy segments on Princess Diana. BTW Isha looks fantastic at 3 AM London time.


Anonymous said...

OK so CNN/360 has gone Trump, count me out. You know now that the President has produced his Birth Certificate Trump will go on to something else and not let CNN have its say. I long for the days when AC/CNN covered stupidly funny things.

aries moon said...

Looks like President Obama has released his long form birth certificate. In a way I wish he hadn't because the birthers will never be satisfied, they don't deserve being catered to and because it feeds Trump's oversized ego. But I suppose it will quiet things down somewhat on that subject, but from here on out I hope The White House ignores the crazies.

Anonymous said...

In CNN defense this story was big enough for the President to address it.I thought Anderson did a good job. He backed himself with facts, helping to expose Trump as a lier. the birth cert. was not missing Trump made it up.

Anonymous said...

@ariesmoon unfortunately the idiots are now saying that it is faked. One person even commented that they didn't have digitized paperwork back then - too bad they can't tell a type written page from a computer generated one. And while CNN did have reason to cover the story I think letting the Donald have all that airtime was a waste of time, which could have been used on reporting other stories, let's say oh Afghanistan.

aries moon said...

@anon 1:00, exactly. Didn't The President and others say repeatedly that there was no point in releasing the long-form? Just as you stated, the nuts found something else to go after. The problem these people have with the President has never been about the birth certificate.

Tedi B said...

To all 'birthers"....get a clue and a brain! So, sick of wasting time on this. As the Prez said today...move on to something that actually effects the country. And to Trump... go back to the Apprentice and shut up. :P

Anonymous said...

I am glad CNN had Trump on and called him out on the facts. He said the birth cert was missing. He lied.

Anonymous said...

@ariesmoon this is anon 1:00 if you mean what I think you mean see if you can find Whoopie's little speech on the View today I think you'll enjoy it.

And to the Donald your canceled.

Anonymous said...

A CNN headline read Trump was quote "Very proud of HIMSELF."
He's proud that he alone forced the issue to distraction, and Obama had to release a form that will not satisfy those that are racists anyway.
Can Trump ever give anyone else credit for anything, other than himself?
Like say maybe the POTUS?