Thursday, April 14, 2011

Washington, Wall Street & Libya

Good evening everyone. Sometime between now and tomorrow, President Obama is expected to sign the bill Congress passed today that will keep the government funded through this year. By signing it, he'll avert a government shutdown. When the deal was struck last Friday, it was announced there would be some $38billion in spending cuts this year. $38billion. Keeping them honest, however, the numbers don't add up. That realization has angered many of the Tea Party Republicans on Capitol Hill. We saw that today. But in the end lawmakers simply had enough and passed the bill. ...According to the Congressional Budget Office report, the bill which claimed to cut $38.5billion from the 2011 budget, will only cut $350million in actual spending this year; largely due to the way the budget process works.

BUDGET BATTLE, COB report spooks lawmakers: Anderson's discussion with Dana Bash, David Gergen and Fareed Zakaria

GOLDMAN SACHS - TARGETING GOLDMAN: A report by Anderson Cooper

SCATHING REPORT ON FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, Should someone on Wall Street be prosecuted?: Anderson's discussion with Eliot Spitzer and Matt Tiabbi

GADHAFI "MUST GO AND GO FOR GOOD" Message in joint op-ed by Obama, Cameron & Sarkozy: A report by Anderson

GADHAFI "MUST GO AND GO FOR GOOD" Message in joint op-ed by Obama, Cameron & Sarkozy: Anderson's follow up discussion with Ben Wedeman, Bill Richardson & Fareed Zakaria

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES FIGHTS MENTAL ILLNESS, Rep says stress brought on bipolar 2 disorder: A report by Anderson and follow up discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

360 BULLETIN: Randi Kaye

A RidicuList tease ~

"Yes, I had purple hair in the 5th grade." ~ Anderson Cooper



New Syndicated Talk Show, Hosted by Anderson Cooper, to Originate From Iconic New York City Spot

(April 14, 2011, New York, NY) - "Anderson," the new, one-hour daily strip hosted by Anderson Cooper, debuting on September 12, 2011, will originate from Jazz at Lincoln Center's The Allen Room, located at Time Warner Center in Manhattan. The announcement was made today by Hilary Estey McLoughlin, President, Telepictures Productions.

Jazz at Lincoln Center's The Allen Room is a truly unique setting with views through a 50-by-90-foot floor-to-ceiling glass wall overlooking Central Park, providing viewers with a direct link to the pulse of New York City. Being located in Columbus Circle, one of Manhattan's most well known destinations, will allow Anderson to frequently take to the streets, talking with people and making the most of the energy of the city.

"Jazz at Lincoln Center's The Allen Room has one of New York City's most extraordinary backdrops -- Central Park and the Manhattan skyline -- providing a totally authentic and fresh environment and energy that reflects the sensibility of Anderson and the show," said Estey McLoughlin. "We didn't want a cookie cutter show in a traditional studio. It has always been our goal to create a distinctive program and to immediately differentiate 'Anderson' in the daytime television landscape."

"It is an amazing space, and I am really excited to be taping the show there," said Anderson Cooper. "It is a beautiful theater, and totally unique. It allows me to have great interaction with the studio audience and great access to the streets and people of New York."

"We are thrilled to welcome Telepictures' new program, 'Anderson,' to the home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, broadcast from one of our venues, The Allen Room, with its spectacular views across New York," said Adrian Ellis, Executive Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Anderson will create a daily destination for multiple generations of women looking to be informed and entertained, gain perspective, have a voice and stay connected to each other and the world around them. Anderson will address water cooler topics from the big celebrity interview one day to the personal story behind the headlines the next. From undercover investigations to hidden camera experiments, the show will give the audience new
perspective in an effort to gain insight into relevant issues and social trends affecting women's lives.

The series will be based in New York City and produced by Telepictures Productions in association with StrongChild Productions and Anderson and Jim Murphy will serve as Executive Producers.

Jazz at Lincoln Center opened its new home, Frederick P. Rose Hall, to critical acclaim in October 2004. Frederick P. Rose Hall is the world's first performing arts center designed specifically for jazz education, performance, and broadcast. The highly flexible multi-room facility allows
new forms of interaction between the audience and musicians, and creates an experience informed by the unique sound, function, and feeling of jazz. Frederick P. Rose Hall also accommodates other art forms such as opera, dance, theater, symphony, film and more. The components of the 100,000 square foot performing arts center include Rose Theater, The Allen Room, Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, The Irene Diamond Education Center (with the education, rehearsal and recording studio, the Edward John Noble Foundation Studio and the Louis Armstrong Classroom), and the Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame.

A promotion for Monday's AC360 ~

And a tweet from Anderson that made me laugh (but I'm guessing he wasn't) ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The best segment on 360 last nite was Anderson's discussion with Sanjay about bi-polar disorder. Very interesting discussion and nice to see Sanjay on the program. I like when 360 does pieces on medical issues.

Another great RidicuList. China is nuts. Its like they're banning all creative things. I love that Anderson watched Britney Spears reality show. I watched it too and it was pretty amusing. Liked seeing the clips of Anderson from back in the day.

The studio for Anderson's talk show looks very nice.

LOVE Anderson's tweet, too funny made me laugh! He's probably not happy!

judy said...

Loved the segment with Eliot Spitzer. As former Attorney General of New York he is well informed on the financial issues concerning all stock market transactions and should be reinstated or elected to public office. He spoke very impressively with Anderson about Goldman Sachs and how they manipulated the market and knowingly cashed in on inferior investments, defrauding their clients, and still they are allowed to operate without regulations, because they were big contributors to Obama's campaign.
Democracy at work folks!
AC's new daytime studio looks very inviting.
His press release emphasized a show for "women," but he also has a large following of men...and a lot of them are now home and out of work.
Surprised AC's doorman didn't stop this vagrant from doing what he did.

Anonymous said...

Thursday's 360 was pretty good. The discussions about the nitty gritty of the federal budget and about Wall Street were well-done and educational. I thought the addition of Bill Richardson to the Libya panel was a good idea. Maybe Ajami was out with a bad cold or maybe CNN got the hints that Fouad Ajami wasn't working out.

While Anderson's new talk show home looks very cool, I also have problems with the press release stating the show will be geared towards women. I remember the old Phil Donahue show which never seemed to be women oriented but had a wide range of topics for a wide range of viewers. Anderson should strive to be the next Phil and not the next Oprah or Ellen or Maury.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how he is going to have time to do both shows.

Anonymous said...

Maybe playgirl will give Anderson 10,000 for the photo.LOL!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Anderson is going to LIVE from the Gulf coast on Monday? It usually says that and I noticed that commercial didn't say that.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they do not have anderson setting behind a desk giving news about the Gulf. I hope he actually goes there.