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AC 360: Thursday, May 12th

We begin tonight with breaking news, a 360 exclusive. We have learned for the first time that U.S. intelligence has gained access to three wives of Osama bin Laden swept up during the raid that killed him, details you will only hear here, including why America is unhappy with the arrangement it's getting so far from the Pakistani intelligence services. There's more tonight, new details we're uncovering about how complacent bin Laden was in Pakistani hideout, how he didn't even have an escape plan, details giving intelligence experts even more reason to believe he thought he could rely on a network of Pakistani protectors to keep him safe. Put it all together, and it's not a pretty picture tonight. As one of Pakistan's leading opinion writers put it in a recent column: "If we didn't know that bin Laden was in Abbottabad, we are a failed state. If we did know, we're a rogue state." ~ Anderson Cooper

SOURCES: ‘U.S.’ GRILLS ‘HOSTILE’ BIN LADEN WIVES, Interrogation in front of Pakistani intelligence officials: Anderson’s discussion with Fran Townsend, Barbara Starr and Reza Sayah from Islamabad, Pakistan

SOURCES: ‘U.S.’ GRILLS ‘HOSTILE’ BIN LADEN WIVES, Wives hostile toward America: A report from Nick Paton Walsh who had spoken to residents close to the Bin Laden compound about what they heard/saw the night of the raid and Anderson’s follow up discussion with Nick

SOURCES: ‘U.S.’ GRILLS ‘HOSTILE’ BIN LADEN WIVES, Eldest Wife speaks for all of them: Anderson brought Fran Townsend and Barbara Starr into the discussion

RECORD FLOODING MOVES SOUTH, Swollen Mississippi River still rising: Anderson’s discussion with Martin Savidge who is in Memphis, TN

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

SYRIA, DEADLY CRACKDOWN: Anderson’s report and a disturbing video

Well, in Syria, where it's Friday morning, security forces are preparing for new anti-government protests expected across the country after Muslim prayers. Human rights groups say at least 776 protesters have been killed so far across Syria since mid-March. Now I want to show you a video that appears to show Syrian security forces firing on demonstrators in Daraa as they try to retrieve two people lying in the street, reportedly a mother and her son, who appear to have been shot. Now, we can't verify the video's authenticity. And we should warn you the images are disturbing. But it shows you, we think, not just the brutality of this regime that's killing their own people, it shows you the great lengths that some people will go to, the risks they will take, to help others in need. ~ Anderson Cooper

WIFE OF DETAINED SYRIAN ACTIVIST SPEAKS OUT: Anderson’s interview with Razan Zaytouni, Human Rights Activist


360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

Programming Note: Due to breaking news Anderson’s interview with Tony Blair was not aired and the hope is that it will be aired in full on Friday’s AC360.

Blogger's Comment on the BlackBerry Bold ~

BlackBerry Bold users can once again access ATA and read comments!

Anderson works his BlackBerry while in London to cover the Royal Wedding.

Almost a year ago I upgraded from the BlackBerry Curve to the BlackBerry Bold. While I loved my new Bold, one disappointment for me was that I was no longer able to access ATA from my BlackBerry. On my Curve I could not only access ATA, I could watch videos, read comments, etc. I even returned my first Bold to my Verizon store thinking I had a defective unit. The store agreed and issued me a new unit on site. The new unit acted the same way - every time I would try to access ATA; the whole unit would shut down and re-start. After trying several other makes/models of phones in the store, we found some would access the site, but not play the videos. My store's tech people called BlackBerry support and they discovered their Bold's were doing the same thing. They said the problem had something to do with the software package loaded onto the Bold vs. the Curve.

Fast Forward to this past week. BlackBerry/RIM sent out a notice that a new software upgrade was ready for downloading. (This is the second one within the last month and while with the first one I noticed no changes, the changes following the second upgrade/download were vast.) While it's taken awhile for this old dog to learn new tricks, I was very pleased to discover that I can once again access ATA from my BlackBerry (Bold) and read comments. The videos still aren't viewable, but I'm hoping for a third upgrade! ~ Wonz.


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AC361: Cooper's office filled with memories, memorabilia

Editor's note: AC361° is a behind-the-scenes look at CNN's Anderson Cooper 360°. On, click on the AC361° tab to learn more about Anderson Cooper, his staff, and the production of AC360°.

New York (CNN) - If there were a chemical or biological attack in New York City, Anderson Cooper would be prepared.

"I have a full-on Tyvek suit," said Cooper as he reached for the gas mask sitting on his windowsill. "There’s only a handful of us in the building who have this suit so I'm not sure who would shoot [video] for me, or why they would think I would stay alive," he joked incredulously. "I also think frankly everyone who doesn't have this suit will try to break into my office and kill me and take the suit."

The gas mask and suit aren't the only field gear Cooper keeps in his office. Next to his gas mask is his Kevlar helmet – battered and dusty from his travels in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But what stands out in his office isn't the war gear. Instead, it's the little trinkets and mementos that tell the stories behind the stories, the reminders of his reportage.

Cooper's window view of Central Park is lined with the typical keepsakes of journalism: Emmys, pictures and gifts from fans. But tucked in between the trophies of his accomplishments is a winding line of soldier figurines, some have been knocked over. A mangled license plate from a car that he saw blow up in Sarajevo. Half of a steel street sign with the name of the former dictator Mobutu from Zaire. A wooden hand-carved bus. A small yellow doll. A poster of Hosni Mubarak with a large red X painted across his face.

“It's all damaged because people were beating it with their shoes,” said Cooper “It’s got a certain authenticity to it. It tells a story – the poster itself.”

Back in 2006 before Saddam Hussein was executed, Cooper visited his prison in Iraq.

"This is a ‘Saddam box’ that you can buy anywhere," said Cooper picking up a wooden box with Hussein's picture on the lacquered lid. Inside was a blue handkerchief.

"Saddam was obsessed with cleanliness, and he had all these handiwipes so this is one of Saddam's handiwipes."

Also rolling around in the Saddam box are a couple seeds.

"In prison Saddam had a little garden where he planted seeds and these are two of Saddam's seeds that were in a Cocoa Puffs cereal container."

Cooper joked that it took him years to start decorating his office.

"I've worked in news for 20 years and this is the first time I've put things on the wall because I always figured I was going to get fired at any moment so I never actually nailed things to the wall."

Today, collages of his press passes hang on the wall along with pictures of his family and hand-painted signs from the Congo. It’s a museum of his travels, a space filled with both memories and memorabilia from two decades of broadcast journalism.

Apparently Mr. Cooper got a new bike! Guess this one didn't come with a helmet either?

NEW YORK CITY - MAY 09: Anderson Cooper sighting at Time Warner building on May 9, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic)


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Celeb Auction Fulfills Dreams to Help Human Rights

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The auction, which is open until May 16, offers opportunities to cook with Paula Deen, tour Jay Leno’s car collection, talk world news with Anderson Cooper, or receive a style treatment at Vogue magazine, just to name a few.

Every bid supports RFK’s 42-year mission for human rights, including reconciliation in Darfur, advocating for children in Haiti, and helping Gulf Coast residents still suffering from Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil disaster.

“This is an opportunity for donors to do good and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience—such as meeting Oprah Winfrey backstage after one of her shows, or enjoying the Aspen Food and Wine Classic, or seeing your name in lights on the Wrigley Field scoreboard or your child serve as a Ball Boy or Girl at a New York Yankees Game,” said Kerry Kennedy, president of the RFK Center.

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't particularly like 360 last nite but The RidicuList was absolutely hilarious, it was one of the best ones ever. Anderson was incredibly snarky and his facial expressions were priceless. It was snarky Anderson at his best!

I love the video tour of Anderson's office. I like seeing all the mementos he keeps in there. The wall of press passes is nice though he looks pissed off in all the pics!

Good for Anderson for getting a new bike, lets hope this one doesn't get stolen!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's just me, but it looks like AC is carrying a fanny pack while walking with his new bike!! Umm, Anderson, the 80's called & wants their fanny pack back :-)