Monday, May 02, 2011

AC360 Live from Ground Zero for 2 Hours

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 live on Monday night from Ground Zero.

Here's Anderson's introduction to the program.

And his time line of the mission:

NEW INSIGHTS ON HOW U.S. FORCES KILLED BIN LADEN, U.S. forces looking through trove of captured documents: Gloria Borger, Ed Henry and Peter Bergen

Anderson spoke by satellite with Nick Paton Walsh, who was in Abbottabad, Pakistan at the Bin Laden complex.

Gary Berntsen, former CIA team leader and Bob Baer, former CIA officer spoke with Cooper about the mission

Dr. Sanjay Gupta talked with Anderson about the science of DNA testing

Tom Friedman, New York Times, spoke on the radical movement of Bin Laden

Fareed Zakaria and Ari Fleischer spoke to the future of al Qaeda and the politics of the past


Nic Robertson, in Islamabad and Peter Bergen, in DC, discuss the impact of this mission on the region

Fran Townsend, former Homeland Security Advisor, and Gary Berntsen talk about how the DNA samples were obtained from the Bin Laden family over the last few years.

Anderson Cooper's interview with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf


Bob Baer and Erik Greitens, former Lt. Com. U.S. Navy SEAL, talk about the level of cooperation in the intelligence community and the training of the elite military task forces.

The two hour edition of AC360 ended with a look back at the 24 hours since the President's address on Sunday night.



Anderson spoke by phone with Ryan Seacrest for his KISS FM radio program this morning. Here's the interview:

We thought we'd end tonight with a picture that popped up on Twitter last night. Sorta says it all, doesn't it?

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Thanks for posting the Ryan Seacrest interview. I like when AC is on there. I don't particularly like Ryan, but he does ask Anderson some good questions.

judy said...

LOVE the poster.
It does say what we Obama supporters were thinking ALL last nite.
And let me be the first to show partisanship because I know that eventually it will rear its ugly head: While W. may have started the ball rolling at Gitmo, the capture/murder was successful under Obama's watch. This is a BIG victory for the POTUS and I was more than annoyed when AC asked Andy Card, whether he thought this was a victory for Bush?
Fareed Zakaria was standing right there and he could have said the same thing to Fareed: Do you think this is a victory for the Obama Administration?
Andy Card replied it was a victory for all Americans but we know the TRUTH and this American couldn't be happier or more pleased with the outcome and the timing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry: It was Ari Fleischer, not Andy Card. Same mentality.

aries moon said...

The President took an enormous risk in making this decision and I think he deserves the bulk of the credit. The Navy SEALS are also to be commended for their bravery and efficiency in taking down OBL. It was good to see AC reporting from Ground Zero.

@Judy, you express the same irritation that I had with Anderson and his questioning of Ari Fleischer about a "Bush victory" and not asking for Fareed's opinion. He did the same thing last week when he asked former Bush staffer Andy Card if he thought Trump was being racist towards the POTUS (he said "no" of course), but AC didn't bother to ask Paul Begala the same question--it often seems deliberate on AC's part. I think AC tries to be "balanced", but I think some of his actions stem from him not being an Obama admirer. AC's either questioning his motives or downplaying his accomplishments. Already AC and others are questioning why the death photo hasn't been released--even Fran Townsend said that doing so might inflame the situation. I'm sure the Obama Admin is carefully considering the best way to handle it. So tired of all the second guessing and suspicion.

That photo of POTUS is awesome.

K said...

I really hope Obama supporters isn't going to make this about party politics. It would backfire big time. After all, Obama didn't kill Osama. The american soldiers did. To make this political would be in very bad taste.

K said...

And that of course should have been "are". Not "is"...

Anonymous said...

@k but President Obama gave the order for the mission. And you are playing politics.

AND Please it's President Obama, have some respect, that goes for everyone.

K said...

For me respect is not given. It's earned. I do not respect anyone just because of a title. Not politicians and especially not a president.

Obama gave the order? I know that. And I can order milk at my local store. Still I don't claim I milked the cow. I see this as the Navy Seals Team Six' achievement. Not politicians from any party.

My post wasn't political. I'm neither left nor right. I'm simply tired of politicians making party politics out of something that ought to be bipartisan.

susan said...

President Obama should have respect. However, if the economy does not turn around soon I will not vote for him again.

Jazz said...


You can order milk at the store but if you bring it home to your family and it's spoiled, you don't have to take all of the blame. It would be blamed on the store, right?

If this mission hadn't gone well (no mission accomplished with American lives lost) how would this have played out...politically?

Our president would have taken COMPLETE blame for it's failure from the right.

Every step this president takes has been judged...political.

And FYI, President Obama never said he killed Osama bin Laden. Were you listening to the same speech? He gave credit where it was due. He even mentiond former President Bush a couple times. Where was the politics in that?

President Obama doesn't NEED your respect. And who cares if you do. But he does deserve some acknowledgement for a job well done.

There doesn't have to be politics in a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

@K - How is it not political when your comment is directed to "Obama supporters"? I had hoped that "Obama detractors" wouldn't make it political either, but it took less than 24 hours for Limbaugh to go on the air mocking him.

I assume that you had equal disrespect for President Bush's inability to get OBL in Tora Bora because we decided to let someone else make the call.

The soliders who did this were amazing and deserve tremendous respect and credit, but it happened because President Obama made it a priority.

And since we're here at ATA, I would like to add that I don't think AC is anti-Obama. It could simply be that he is pro-Obama and pulls right to appear balanced. Or perhaps he feels he doesn't have to ask every guest the same question to do an interview.

Anonymous said...

Does Lisa Bloom still appear on CNN?

K said...

In the dairy story blame would fall on the store, the store being the military, not Obama.

Obama would never have been blamed if this mission had backfired. We wouldn't have known about it. Just that American soldiers were killed overseas. And somehow I fail to see the great heroic act in saying "yes" to kill Bin Laden. Could you imagine the headlines if he had said "no"? He did what he had to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

I never said Obama claimed he killed Bin Laden singlehandedly. I answered a comment who suggested it. (Judy) My point is if people get the feeling Obama is milking this, it will backfire.

You are right, Obama doesn't need my respect. But if he doesn't start respecting people like me who want more from a president than lofty promises and dime store rhetoric, he will not be reelected. It takes more than a stand up-act cracking jokes to make me see him as presidential.

Did I disrespect Bush? Certainly. He was a politician and not to be trusted. Now I'm dissing Obama who hasn't performed as I hoped. Yes, "he" got Osama but that doesn't give me amnesia.

He claimed catching terrorists were more important than women's rights. (I still disagree). He promised to close GitMo as his first act. (He hasn't). He took forever to change "Don't Ask Don't Tell. (Humiliating the gay community). And my favourite petpeeve: He uses words like "mutt" to describe himself.

I'm biracial too but have a little more selfrespect than to refer to myself with such a word. Unfortunately some white people now believe they can use that word too. (They can't when around me). How can I respect a president like that?