Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AC360 Live from Joplin Night Two

DEADLY TORNADOES HIT OKLAHOMA, At least 4 people killed in Canadian County, near Oklahoma City: David Payne, a reporter from KFOR in OK, spoke by phone with Anderson Cooper, as did OK Governor Mary Fallin

Next up was Chad Myers, from the CNN Weather Center, in Atlanta

SEVERE WEATHER SLAMMING PLAINS, Tornado watches in parts of Kansas, Texas and Missouri: AC explained that his crew set up for the broadcast beside a brick building to protect the satellite truck. Anderson then talked to Ed Lavandera who explained the horrible storms that were passing through the Dallas area.

Anderson spoke with the aunt of a missing person and then shared contact numbers for a few of the 1,500 still missing:


A look at Tuesday in Joplin:


WARNING SIRENS HEARD IN JOPLIN: Gary Tuchman reports from a shelter by phone

TORNADO WARNING FOR JOPLIN, New storms bearing down on destroyed city: Detective Chris Carriger shares his storm survivor story with AC

REPORT: TORNADO NEAR JOPLIN: Ali Velshi reporting by phone


This last video is of Anderson's visit today with Sally Smith, as she went through what remains of her mother's home. I found it so eerily reminiscent of AC's post Katrina visit with Myrtle Kearney. You remember Myrtle, right? She was the dear lady who said she 'vacuumed my house to the moon so that when we came back we would have a pleasant environment to come back in'. And she added, "And wait you want to hear the best, ya'll are going to die laughing, I collect rocks. I came out and picked out all my rocks and brought them inside and hid them". I have always had a soft spot for Myrtle and now I feel exactly the same about Sally Smith. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. The devastation is just awful. Its sad to think that the town could be hit again by another storm. This certainly has been an active spring.

Anderson probably shouldn't have been on the air when the sirens were going off, but that's just Anderson. I would have been surprised if he had actually taken cover.

judy said...

This is merely subjective reasoning on my part, but I think AC finds solace speaking to people like Sally who have suffered great loss and has to start over.
It seems to be a recurring theme with him, even as far back as his book.
People often find comfort speaking to others when they have suffered tragedy of their own.
@Jaanza: I was speaking of the Mississippi Delta area which has already seen extreme weather conditions and overflowing river beds when I said the weather was erratic in the Midwest or shall I say southern portion of the Midwest.
Bill Maher has spoken of global warming and its effect and I'm beginning to think he's right.
We've always had tornadoes and floods but never with such intensity.

aries moon said...

Hearing the sirens as AC was reporting was unnerving but Chad Myers' updates were reassuring. It was sad to listen to Gary Tuchman describing the helplessness and fear of some of the people in the shelter with him. I hope Will Norton will be found alive soon. Sally Smith is a very strong woman considering all she's gone through--I was thinking maybe it hasn't fully hit her yet, but some people can manage to stay positive in the worst circumstances. Good on the scene reporting by AC360.

Cherisa said...

The reporting from Joplin has been excellent - very human, very compassionate. My thoughts are with all those affected this week.

Memphis is in the bulls eye tonight. I know some people here pay no attention to the tornado sirens; hope they take notice now.