Thursday, May 05, 2011

Anderson Cooper Live from Ground Zero - Day 4

Anderson Cooper was live from Ground Zero with breaking news, an interview with Condoleezza Rice, and a look back at President Obama's visit to Ground Zero.

OSAMA BIN LADEN CONSIDERED 9/11 ANNIV. PLOT, No specific city or rail system mentioned in alert: Anderson's discussion with Jeanne Meserve, Fran Townsend & Peter Bergen

WASH. POST: CIA SPIED ON BIN LADEN COMPOUND, Used safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan: Anderson's report of "What we know" and follow up discussion with John King and Ed Henry


WASH. POST: CIA SPIED ON BIN LADEN COMPOUND, Used safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan: Anderson talks to Nic Robertson, live in Abbottabad, Pakistan

PLOTS UNCOVERED IN BIN LADEN RAID, al Qaeda's potential targets: N.Y., L.A., Wash. and Chicago : Anderson's discussion with Fareed Zakaria


Part 2 is to be shown on Friday's AC360

Day of Remembrance: Anderson's "look back" on President Obama's trip to Ground Zero today



From the AC360 Website - Anderson at Ground Zero during Wednesday night's broadcast ~

And some Twitter photos from Wednesday night ~

Anderson tweeted this photo of what he sees during the broadcast

And Neil Hallsworth tweeted this photo of how he sees Anderson during the broadcast, thru his camera

And Ed Henry tweeted this photo of Anderson in a jacket between live shots (it was cold)

Some lucky fan had his picture taken with Anderson today ~

Anderson never mentioned the following tonight - but from CNN ~

Friday, May 06, 2011
11:00pm – 12:00am


CNN’s Anderson Cooper anchors an investigation into the life of al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, killed earlier this week by a team of U.S. Navy SEALs directed by the CIA. Partially-based upon the book, The Osama bin Laden I Know, by CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen, who was among the first team of television journalists to interview bin Laden in 1997, FOOTSTEPS was filmed in 10 countries, and features interviews with 10 people with first-person knowledge of bin Laden. Former CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour’s reporting sheds light on the man who declared war on the United States and was the world’s most wanted terrorist.

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ACAnderFan said...

I could not get into 360 at all last nite.Thanks for all the extras. I like seeing the pics of behind the scenes.

judy said...

Found tonite's show very interesting, especially AC's interview with Condolezza. Yes, Bush deserves some credit, particularly in, "attacking the wrong country."
WaPo knew in advance about the CIA operation and the location in Pakistan...also a first.
Bob Woodward's book "Obama's War" will probably go back on the bestsellers list.
Trains were the next form of communication in the works according to Bin Laden's notes.
As an aside I've always feared the BWI Amtrak route was a target and that Baltimore Washington corridor in particular was of interest. I take it often and there isn't enough security. Hopefully that will change.
The President did very well today and he has proven to be a humble man who does not gloat about his achievements. This will serve him well in '012.

aries moon said...

The footage of President Obama at Ground Zero meeting with the families and fire fighters and police officers was very touching--there was one moment when he was hugging one of the girls that he greeted at Ground Zero that was especially moving.

Anderson's polite interview with Condoleeza Rice was quite a contrast from Lawrence O'Donnell's combative one on MSNBC--he didn't mince words in pointing out all that the Bush Administration got wrong in the hunt for OBL and the "weapons of mass destruction" debacle. Anderson is capable of conducting tough interviews, but he rarely goes for the jugular the way O'Donnell did with Rice--can't say I felt sorry for her though.

aries moon said...

I think the guy in the last pic with AC is a host on BET or MTV--he said that he'd done an interview with Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Of course lots of analysis of what Bin Laden might have done but all the talk about the CIA spying on his house wasn't as interesting.

I changed the channel when Condoleeza Rice appeared. She did a short Q@A in the 5/1/11 NY Times Magazine and is probably saying the same thing in every media interview. I find her irritating and I don't need any more irritation in my life.

But I changed channels back in time to see the wonderful montage at the end about President Obama's visit.

Love the first photo in the extras today, CNN should use that in the 360 print ads.


Girl from home said...

@jaanza I'm a new convert to Lawrence and I love him. He pulls no punches and holds nothing back. I didn't know he was connected to the West Wing until he talked about it on the radio. As for Anderson he did great yesterday, put a human face on the day rather than just reporting.

@ACanderfan what you didn't like his tie or were the RHONY more up your alley. You have to remember everything can't be pretty all the time.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon

That's A. J. Calloway. He used to host 106 & Park on BET(A.J and Free). Now he is a reporter for the TV show Extra.

ACAnderFan said...
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K said...

I didn't find Obama's acting gig moving at all. It was quite underwhelming actually. Perhaps I was destracted by the fact that the girls Obama were hugging wore skirts qualifying them to be strippers. What went through their minds that day? "I'm going to honor my father by not wearing clothes?" But Obama sure did got a big old Clinton-Bubba-hug out of these poor girls. A little too...greating Mrs. Biden for my taste.

Anyway, it would have been nice if Obama had met the families behing closed doors, instead of enjoying the limelight - and the scantily clad girls - as thoroughly as he did. Humble? Don't think it is in his vocabulary. It seems every headtilt of his is designed for the historybooks.

I enjoyed watching AC live in daylight though. It is a rare pleasure. Why can't the powers at CNN change his schedule for human hours? Like John King's time slot or earlier.

aries moon said...

@anon 9:15 am, thanks for the info. I didn't know AJ was on Extra.

ACAnderFan said...

@Girl from home, I just wish the entire program wasn't about Bin laden. I'd like to see more variety on the program.

Anonymous said...

@K what do you want? The President can't do anything right in your eyes. He did meet with the families in private and scantily clad girls, OMG are you insane they had family members who died on 9/11. Your comments disgust me and you belong on a Glenn Beck, Limbaugh or O'Rielly board NOT HERE.

@ACAnderfan - do you know what a remote is - use it.

Anonymous said...

@K : The girls The POTUS hugged were preteens and You have a deranged mentality to even suggest such a thing.
Their mother was standing right next to them and though I agree their skirts were short and in poor taste I stand by my statement.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the fuss about the length of the young girls' skirts. They are teens and wear what teens wear. The president has young daughters of his own and doubt very much he noticed the length of their skirts. For heaven's sake he was talking with them about losing their parents. I think it's more questionable that you are dwelling on their clothing. I never noticed what they were wearing. Give the girls a break. It's bad enough they lost a parent, they don't to be criticized over their choice of clothing.