Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes

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Lin DeVecchio and "The Grim Reaper" ~

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Extra: Did DeVecchio cross a line?

Former FBI agent Lin Devecchio says his relationship with mobster Greg Scarpa wasn't any different than the deals that prosecutors make with their informants all the time.

Extra: Scarpa's history with the FBI

Former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio says that the FBI called on mobster Greg Scarpa to help solve some civil rights murders in the 1960s.

Extra: A mob murder

Former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio recalls how his mob informant, Greg Scarpa, implied he had killed another mobster.

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I know last weekend we promised another Anderson Cooper circa 2006 retro post, but at the time we didn't know Anderson would have a story on 60 Minutes this week. Next weekend is Memorial Day and then we begin the special "Sunday Series" for the summer. There will be more retro posts, so keep checking ATA....

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ACAnderFan said...

Good 60 Minutes piece by Anderson. Nice to see him do a serious piece other than the celeb pieces he seems to be doing lately. I've always found the mob interesting and this piece certainly didn't disappoint. Good work from Anderson.

Anonymous said...

This is really shallow, but Anderson looked really good on 60 minutes.Enjoyed the segment also.I think Ac 360 really restrict what Anderson is capable of doing. I hope his new show has good producers and they do interesting shows.

aries moon said...

Definitely one of Anderson's better 60 Minutes Reports--a fascinating look into a very dangerous and shady world.