Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, May 18th's AC360

Anderson was away from the NYC studio again tonight and opened the show with breaking news on a military plane that crashed while on the runway after an aborted takeoff in Southern California. Updates were given throughout the program.

SANCTIONS ON SYRIA White House targeting dictator, aides:
Discussion with Jill Dougherty and Elliott Abrams

HOLY HYPOCRISY: Report by Anderson Cooper. Initial report aired on 4/17/2008

CATHOLIC CHURCH RELEASES STUDY ON PRIEST SEX ABUSE Report sparks fury in victim community: Interview with Father Richard Hoatson

GIFFORD'S SURGERY SUCCESSFUL Hospital: she's "recovering well": Discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

NEW INFORMATION ON IMF CASE: Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin

NEW INFORMATION ON SCHWARZENEGGER STORY: Discussion with Adam Nagourney and Tracy Webber

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

2nd Hour:

EMAN AL-OBEIDY SPEAKS FREELY Says she was gang-raped by Gadhafi's men: Interview with Nic Robertson

TURNING IDEAS INTO REALITY Website connects artists with financial backers: Report by Debra Feyerick

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was way too random last nite. I did however enjoy Anderson's discussion with Sanjay about Gabby Giffords having part of her skull replaced.

Very funny RidicuList! I agree with Anderson, best campaign video ever! Seriously what was that lady thinking when she made that video? And what's up with her not looking at the camera?

judy said...

If Arnold cheated on Maria Shriver for THAT person, he ought to have his head examined, let alone the rest of his anatomy.
Jaanza is absolutely right. Men cheat because they can and the more power they think they have, the more entitled they think they are. And we don't need Dr.Drew to tell us this.
Speaking of MD's, real ones, Sanjay's report on Ms.Gifford and her progress, was the best segment.
Not having an entire portion of your skull for this length of time, and still surviving, is remarkable.
Yes, that woman's campaign video was unusually ridiculous but not worth the air time spent on it.

Agree with Broadway Bunny: The operative word is WAS.
Now AC's interest lie in syndication.

Anonymous said...

A good mix of stories Wednesday night; don't know where Anderson was but the lighting was a lot better.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's demonstration/explanation about Rep. Gifford's brain surgery was good. Didn't Bob Woodruff from ABC News have the same procedure after he was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq a few years ago?

I appreciate that Anderson & 360 didn't show photos of Schwartzenegger's new son. Some media outlets have not been so kind.

That campaign commercial from Debbie Georgatos would have been funny all by itself but Anderson's comments were great. Maybe she and Michelle Bachmann have the same political advisor... "Connect with viewers by not looking into the camera!"


Anonymous said...

@Judy: the first sentence of your post is extremely offensive, and really just shows how shallow a person you must be. Arnold should have his head examined becaused his mistress is not as attractive as his wife? ("THAT person"). I don't support what he did, but to insult the woman based on her picture is very shallow.