Monday, May 09, 2011

Back in the Studio

After a week of AC360's from Ground Zero Anderson Cooper was back on the OBL story on Monday night but this time from the CNN studios at Columbus Circle.

BLOOMBERG: Pakistan will allow the U.S. to question Bin Laden's wives:Anderson Cooper talks with Fareed Zakaria and Reza Sayah

NEW DETAILS OF BIN LADEN'S WIVES, One Yemeni, 2 Saudis were inside the compound: Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and The Road to 9/11, was Anderson's guest


Near record crest near Memphis:
David Mattingly reporting

Flooding expected from Memphis to New Orleans: Chad Myers in the Weather Center


Rarely do we clip anything from the bulletin but tonight we couldn't resist:

EMAN AL-OBIEDY ESCAPES FROM LIBYA, She fled to Tunisia and is now in Qatar: Nic Robertson reporting


If you don't follow Anderson on Twitter here's what you missed over the weekend. He saw 2 Broadway plays, The Book of Mormon on Saturday and liked it, and The Normal Heart on Sunday and said it was 'powerful' with great acting. He also saw the movie Thor on Sunday and wasn't impressed with the movie but loved the popcorn and goobers. He mentioned that he saw his mother on Sunday too and thought about those that lost their mothers. He went on to say that he is always sad on Father's Day.
If you aren't on Twitter that's what you missed.

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ACAnderFan said...

Good to hear that Eman Al-Obeidy is out of Libya and in Qatar.

The banter between Isha and Anderson was great last nite. Loved when that pic of him on "To Tell The Truth" randomly popped up. His banter with Isha following that was very funny.

The RidicuList was great again tonite. I love when Anderson has Jersey Shore as the topic. Anderson was incredibly snarky last nite and it was great. I love seeing his snarky side.

Anderson certainly had a busy weekend. I was actually a little surprised this weekend when I saw that he was tweeting so much. Usually he doesn't tweet that much and usually not about what he was doing, but it was nice to see him using twitter more.

pebbles said...

Thanks for posting the clip of AC and Isha. Loved his reaction and response to the control room. "I'm not hearing anything, I'm just thinking about the people I'm going to fire." Hahaha! He's very proud of being in that game show because he got to fool a couple of people - to thinking he was a real bear trainer.

aries moon said...

A well rounded show--a good interview with Lawrence Wright, updates on the floods in the south and happy news about Eman Al Obiedy--I hope we get updated on what President Sarkozy may have planned for her.

I'm with AC--I think his staff knew what they were doing when they put up that pic of AC on To Tell the Truth--funny moment in the show when he joked about firing them. I'm a little burnt out on the Jersey Shore Ridiculists, but I still enjoyed Monday's edition. I guess no one can complain about a lack of tweets by Anderson, he's really stepped it up recently. Thanks for the "Anderson" page--September's not too long away.

judy said...

Bin Laden's wives could prove to be very useful for our intellegence network and the only reason Pakistan is being cooperative with the release of these women for investigation, is money, and we have given BILLIONS.
They want us to continue to support them even after all their duplicity.
Enjoyed AC's interview with Lawrence Wright who has made several appearances on The Daily Show.
Would have much rather have heard from cute little Anderson from years gone by, than the Ridiculist.
Enough with "The Jersey Shore" mentality! It is not funny, just juvenile. The characters are vulgar and they don't deserve any further mention.