Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Busy Thursday Night on AC360

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with the Breaking News that former IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn has been granted bail in his sex case and will be released to home detention on Friday.

FMR. IMF CHIEF GRANTED BAIL IN SEX CASE, Strauss-Kahn must submit to home detention: Anderson's discussion with Deborah Feyerick, Jeff Toobin and Mark Geragos (a criminal defense attorney, not in the studio)

"COMMANDED TO TERRORIZE": A report by Anderson

RADICAL MUSLIM LEADER CHARGED, Jesse Curtis Morton accused of communicating threats: Anderson's follow up discussion with Drew Griffin

POLITICAL DOUBLE TALK: A Keeping Them Honest Report by Anderson on Newt Gingrich's changing comments

NEWT-SPEAK!, Candidate Gingrich struggles to explain statements: Anderson's follow up with Paul Begala and Rich Galen, Fmr. Gingrich Press Secretary

"BETWEEN HATE AND HOPE": Anderson's overview of President Obama's speech today

PRES. OBAMA ON 'ARAB SPRING,' ISRAEL, Backs '67 borders as peace starting point: Anderson's discussion with Richard Haass and Fouad Ajami

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

"I'll see you tomorrow..."


Anderson's talk show has a "behind the scenes" Twitter account which debuted on Wednesday ~

And the first tweet ~

From 60 Anderson will have a segment on 60Minutes on Sunday ~

The FBI's Lin DeVecchio and "The Grim Reaper"
Former FBI agent calls informant who helped convict mafia leaders a friend

(CBS News) A former FBI agent says he considered his star Mafia informant a friend and did not investigate when this informant let him know he had killed a rival mobster. Lin DeVecchio, who once headed the FBI's Bonanno and Colombo anti-crime squads in New York, makes these revelations in an interview with CNN'sAnderson Cooper.
The story offers a rare look into the relationship between law enforcement and informants and will be broadcast on "60 Minutes" this Sunday, May 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

DeVecchio says that his top echelon informant, Greg Scarpa, a made member of the Colombo crime family, provided valuable information that helped investigators in the famous Commission case that took down some of the Mafia's top leaders. But DeVecchio's handling of Scarpa - who was so deadly he was known on the street as "The Grim Reaper" - became the center of a major scandal. DeVecchio was charged with murder by the Brooklyn district attorney in 2006, but a key witness in the case was discredited and the charges against DeVecchio were dismissed.

DeVecchio has just published a book called "We're Going to Win This Thing," in which he argues he was wrongly accused and unfairly maligned.

In his interview with Cooper, DeVecchio says that he and Scarpa were friends. "His career and his life and his milieu that he worked in was so different than mine, that it was fascinating to me to learn about that,'' he says. "I liked the guy...I'm not ashamed of that. [It] doesn't mean I condone what he did," DeVecchio tells Cooper. "It was a friendship, absolutely."

DeVecchio also tells Cooper that during one of their meetings Scarpa let him know that he had killed another mobster. "There was a body found in Brooklyn one day. I said 'Who did the work?'"

DeVecchio recalls asking Scarpa. "And he smiled. That smile told me he did it," says DeVecchio. "He gave me that knowing look, like, 'I did it. You know I did it and I'm telling you I did it but I'm not telling you I did it in words.'" Cooper asks DeVecchio if that was something he would follow up on and investigate.

DeVecchio replies: "No...I mean, as callous as that may sound, the person was dead. It's not going to bring him back."

Ellen Corcella, a former federal prosecutor who worked with DeVecchio's unit, believes knowing that kind of information and not acting on it is unethical. She says agents are supposed to shut down their informants and start investigating them if they know the informants are actively committing murder.

"When is it valuable enough information that you let people continue to kill other people on the street?" asks Corcella. "It became more valuable to him to have this informant on the street than it was to pursue other law enforcement goals."

Cooper asks DeVecchio whether he thinks he came close to crossing the line in his handling of Scarpa. "Yeah, sure. I got close to it. I freely admit that," says DeVecchio. But he argues that was his job: "I got close to members of organized crime so we can eliminate them," he tells Cooper.

And a preview video:

Former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio talks about his relationship with mob informant Greg Scarpa, also known as "The Grim Reaper." CNN's Anderson Cooper reports, Sunday, May 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

We'll have it covered for you Sunday night.

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ACAnderFan said...

Interesting piece about the Radical Muslim leader being charged with threatening the creators of South Park. I think its crazy to get offended by South Park. The show makes fun of anything and everything. They make fun of Jesus, he has his own talk show, Jesus and Pals. Nothing is off limits on South Park so why get offended?

Absolutely loved the RidicuList and Anderson's snark. Botox mom is an even bigger idiot than I thought she was. Making up that whole story for a measly $200 is just beyond stupid.

Cannot wait to see Anderson's 60 Minutes piece this weekend. It looks like its going to be very good and very interesting.

pebbles said...

I just want to know, will you also be recapping Anderson's daytime talk show when it starts in September? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's not often you'll see a clip from South Park on CNN. Trey Parker and Matt Stone will probably have a future episode making fun of that Morton guy. Like ACAnderfan said, they make fun of everybody. Yesterday's new South Park even had new dialogue about Schwartzenegger's affair.

I liked the segment about Gingrich, it's the usual political "I said that but I really mean this" spin but Begala and Galen had a good discussion about it.

Anderson had more fun with Botox Mom's 2nd time on the Ridiculist; that woman is nuts but I like the rant about the 16-hour cell phone woman better.

The upcoming 60 Minutes report on DeVecchio sounds intriguing and shows that Anderson doesn't just do fluffy interviews with pop stars.


judy said...

If Newt Gingrich is having trouble explaining himself so early in his campaign about what he said or meant to say than he should hang it up now.
As far as I'm concerned he's a non-candidate with little appeal for the GOP, a has been, and most will see him as a "never was." And if Sarah Palin is a fan, that's the kiss of death right there.
Now we know why AC was in LA, putting the finishing touches on his 60 Minutes piece which should be interesting and one with some substance, at last.

The ATA Team said...

@Judy, The 60 Minute segment on Lin DeVecchio has been finished for quite a while now, it was not filmed this week and not filmed in California.

Anonymous said...

@ ACAnderFan Quote: “ I think its crazy to get offended by South Park. The show makes fun of anything and everything. They make fun of Jesus, he has his own talk show, Jesus and Pals. Nothing is off limits on South Park so why get offended?”

Just because “they make fun of everything... and nothing is off limits on South Park..” doesn’t make it right. There is such a thing as taking it too far.

Just because we have Freedom of Expression in this Country, does not mean we have to exploit or abuse it!! Religion should be treated with a little more respect, it does not matter what Religion that may be. I often think, because we are protected by the First Amendment in this Country, many people either abuse it or take it for granted. That kind of disrespect is often perceived as American arrogance and unfortunately often times makes us bigger targets.

The ATA Team said...

@pebbles, We've been discussing just how we're going to cover the Anderson overload (and we mean that in a good way) come Fall. Without more help we just won’t be able to do it all. So if you, or any of our readers are interested in getting involved with blogging, research, capping or clipping please send us an email to allthingsanderson@gmail

Anonymous said...

@3:58AM: Couldn't agree with you more.
We should all become more discerning and discriminating in what we watch.
Look at the Housewives presentations on Bravo. What started as something of interest, to watch for a certain locale in the neighborhood became utter trash TV as has become the RHWONJ.
Nothing like washing your "dirty laundry in public," and making money off of it.
I'm at fault as well as others for giving these opportunists a platform to further their ratings.
All of this abuses First Amendment Rights and WE condone it to make matters worse.