Friday, May 06, 2011

The End of An Historic Week

Good evening we're live from Ground Zero, New York City with breaking news tonight about the path that led U.S. intelligence to Osama bin Laden. A phone call, last year, between bin Laden's main courier and a friend of his...

Anderson's "Timeline that has emerged; one piece of the puzzle at a time.": A report by Anderson Cooper


NEW DETAILS EXPECTED ON RAID AT BIN LADEN COMPOUND, News Conf. tomorrow on intelligence obtained, how he was ID'd: Anderson talks to Ed Henry and Fran Townsend

WASHINGTON POST: PHONE CALL LED TO BIN LADEN COMPOUND: Anderson talks to Nic Robertson in Abbottabad, Pakistan

U.S. DRONE TARGETS TERRORIST IN YEMEN, Official: Strike missed Anwar al-Awalaki: Anderson's Discussion with Robert Grenier, Former head of CIA's Counter terrorism Center

FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY: A report by Sanjay Gupta and follow-up discussion with Anderson

WHO WILL EMERGE AS THE LEADER OF AL QAEDA?: Anderson's discussion with Peter Bergen



The Dog That Helped Take Bin Laden, Military Dogs: A report by and follow up discussion with Tom Foreman


"It's been an honor to be here at Ground Zero all week" ~

Ground Zero, New York City ~


An AC360 producer tweeted the following two photos last night ~

Apparently Anderson and the crew were overcome by an odor from the port-o-potties being moved at Ground Zero!

Congratulations Anderson Cooper and AC360!

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Has Banner Thursday Night, Beats O’Reilly In Demo

Cable news ratings, May 5, 2011:

•CNN’s Anderson Cooper led CNN’s primetime–and all of cable news for regular scheduled programs Thursday night. AC 360 drew 681,000 viewers 25-54, the highest rating on the night for any regularly scheduled cable news program, beating even Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, which had 674,000.

Blogger's Note ~

This photo seemed to be a source of discussion in comments on Thursday's post. It was released today by the White House as part of a set of photos from President Barack Obama's Travels to New York, with the following caption: President Barack Obama greets 14-year old Payton Wall at the site of the National September 11th Memorial and Museum at Ground Zero in New York, N.Y., May 5, 2011. The President received a letter from Wall, who lost her father in the World Trade Center attack, and asked that she be invited to the ceremony. Standing with Wall are her mother Diane, her sister Avery, and friend Madison Robertson, who also lost her father on 9/11. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

As stated several times throughout CNN's coverage of President Obama's visit, he met with families in private, no press, no photos. While the number was limited, a few more were able to meet with him at Ground Zero following the ceremony. I hope this clears up any mis-understandings. Wonz

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judy said...

Loved AC's question to Condy Rice;
Would she have liked to have been in the room in the photo showing Hillary's dismay and Obama's intent gaze at the operation taking place at the bin Laden compound.
Loved Condy's answer: "We'll wouldn't you have liked to have been in that room??
Good answer to a good question.
Good reports all week from 360

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wonz for the information on the photo, maybe some people will think and verify things before they post things that are untrue.

It seems some people, not just here, like to see their posts up, so they don't care what they post.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was much better last nite than thursday nite. Especially loved the piece about dogs in the military.Nice to see them get the recognition they deserve. I love animals, so its great to see them on 360.

I liked Sanjay's piece about facial recognition. Very interesting how it works and that when Sanjay was on the webcam the computer couldn't detect facial recognition with pictures of him.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you, Wonz, for even bothering to try to clear things up for someone who clearly looks for the worst in all Obama does. He was speaking with kids who lost a parent on 9/11. I salute him for giving them his support. Instead of attacking Obama, people should try to remember the many who died and the many sick first responders who are still waiting to have medical bills paid.