Friday, May 20, 2011

A Full Friday Night on AC360

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with the news of Former IMF Chief Strauss-Khan's release on bail. He's under house arrest in lower Manhattan. His wife's apartment building refused to let him stay there because they didn't want the 24 hour media circus. Susan Candiotti had a report on the time line of this story.

FORMER IMF CHIEF RELEASED ON BAIL, Strauss-Kahn under house arrest in lower Manhattan: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Eliot Spitzer and Mark Geragos

SYRIA, DEADLY CRACKDOWN: A report by Anderson on the latest news out of Syria

Human right's activists report that at least 34 people were killed in Syria today. ...Night after night on this program we've witnessed the bravery of Syrians who have given their lives calling for change. It's easy to say all the pictures look the same, it's easy to turn away, feel frustrated that nothing's changed. But we think we owe it to those dying in the streets to bear witness to their struggle and even to their deaths. ...But we're showing it to you because we think it's important for the world to witness the violence inflicted on innocent people; and to witness the heroism in the face of repression. ~ Anderson Cooper

CRACKDOWN IN SYRIA, Protests erupt after Friday prayers: Anderson's interview with Raza Zaytouni

ILLEGAL WAR?: Anderson's report on the latest in Libya and the War Powers Act

WAR POWERS ACT, Sen. Paul says White House in defiance: Anderson's interview with Senator Rand Paul

CELL PHONE CANCER QUESTIONS: An introductory report by Anderson

IS YOUR CELL PHONE SAFE?: A report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and follow up discussion with Anderson

MAN VS. FLOOD, Miss. family builds levee to save home, farm: A report by Martin Savidge

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

Anderson apparently isn't too worried about the rapture ~

In the second hour ~ Anderson's interview with Jason Stearns, author of Dancing In The Glory Of Monsters



Anderson "re-tweeted" a tweet today ~

Here's the sign mentioned in the tweet ~

Here's the entire video ~ posted another short video of Anderson Cooper's "Lunch Habit" - some of the content was contained on the office tour visit, but the end is new ~

And a little "Anderson" talk show in the news -

From ~


Warner Bros., which is selling Anderson, makes the bold claim that Cooper will be making daily headlines on his talk show and making the show the perfect companion for a local newscast. But a doubting syndication source wonders how much time Cooper can give to the talk show when he’s still hosting a nightly show on CNN and racing around the world to hot spots at a moment’s notice.

With Oprah viewers, Cooper’s news niche might makes sense, say two sources, one on the station level and the other familiar with the syndication business.

“Where would Maria Shriver go in daytime to be interviewed after Oprah’s gone?” asks the station source, referring to the dust-up after it was revealed that actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a family housekeeper more than a decade ago. (Where Shriver actually went was to one of Winfrey’s farewell shows in Chicago, as it turns out.)

The syndication expert acknowledges the Cooper station lineup doesn’t have the best time slots or stations at launch. He calls the Cooper station lineup a place holder that looks like it does because the show came together too late for Warner Bros. to shop it. In this syndicator’s view, it’s really a case of “wait until next year” when the competition shakes out.

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ACAnderFan said...

360 wasn't too good last nite, about the only really good piece was Sanjay's about cell phones. As a good friend pointed out if you're not supposed to have the cell phone near your body, what about holding it? Should you not do that either? Also liked Anderson's discussion afterwards with Sanjay. Wonder if Anderson will get a head piece for the phone or if he will end up thinking its too geeky.

I also liked the RidicuList. I highly doubt the world is going to end today, but Anderson's snark was very much appreciated.

judy said...

Can't believe AC had Eliot Spitzer on to talk about the IMF Chief and his "troubles." I realize it was mostly legalities but really..well if anyone knows ALL the angles in this matter it's Spitzer.
@The ATA Team: I thought for sure you'd clip the "expression on AC's face" when Sanjay was speaking about the dangers of cell phones and their possible link to brain tumors. If I had had the motivation, which I don't, I would have clipped it. He looked as though he'd pass right out of the picture. (Someone speaks on his blackberry constantly)
This is not news really, but the fact that Johny Cocran probably died from HIS usage of the phone is. Users beware. Good segment as usual with Sanjay.
Disagree with the reviewer of AC's daytime show in reference to Maria Shriver. Where do they go NOW?
Matt Lauer...and all the morning shows in prime.
AC eats "Boston Market"? Really. I tried it once and threw it in the garbage. Maybe it's better in the Time Warner Building. Sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

Things were mixed on Friday's 360. Totally didn't care anymore about the IMF guy or Rand Paul but I liked the reports about the homeowners in Mississippi creating their own dykes to save their houses and Sanjay's cell phone segment.

Cell phones are probably safer than at the time of Lee Atwater but you never know what will happen 30 years from now to the kids who are always on their cell phones today.

Regarding the Rapture, pretty much a normal Saturday so far. I wonder if Camping made allowances for the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar?

We used to have a Boston Market nearby, it was pretty good but later changed to Chipotle.