Monday, May 02, 2011

It Is A Good Day For America

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer anchored a special edition of Newsroom today from 3 - 5 PM ET.

•Wolf interviewed Dan Lothian, both men were in Washington, DC
•Anderson spoke with Kaj Larson a CNN correspondent who toured the caves of Tora Bora where Bin Laden escaped a special forces mission.

•Omar Waraich of Time Magazine spoke from Pakistan with Wolf
•Gloria Borger reported on what her sources told her about how Bin Laden was found

•Jill Dougherty spoke of the latest news from the State Department
•Anderson spoke by phone with Bob Baer, former CIA operative
•Brooke Baldwin reported on tweets about the mission that came from Abbottabad in real time

•James Ryder, a first responder to the World Trade Center on 9/11, spoke with Anderson

•CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank spoke with AC at Ground Zero

•An executive from the company rebuilding the World Trade Center complex gave AC an update on construction progress
•A prerecorded interview with Paul Brennen, Deputy National Secretary Advisor for Homeland Security aired as the anchors waited for John Boehner to begin his speech
•Ed Henry reported from the White House

•Barbara Starr reported from the Pentagon with details of how the U.S. mission went down
•Wolf spoke with Lt. Col. (Ret.) Edward O'Connell, former intelligence officer
•A snippet of Cooper's interview with former Pakistan President Musharraf aired, with more to come on AC360 tonight
•Anderson interviewed former CIA Covert Operations Officer Mike Baker
•Dana Bash spoke with Wolf from Capital Hill

•AC interviewed Terry Strada, whose husband died in the North Tower on 9/11, about closure

And the special program closed with a look back at September 11, 2001

CNN producer Julian Cummings tweeted this picture of Anderson, from Ground Zero, before his special anchoring began.

There was another picture tweeted of Anderson reporting from Ground Zero, this one from Latoya Smith

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Anonymous said...

I was happy to hear that Anderson was anchoring the 3pmET Newsroom today. Not sure why Wolf was anchoring with him. While I like Wolf, CNN has over-used him on this story. I couldn't figure out why CNN didn't have Anderson and Eliot Spitzer reporting from NYC last night. Why was all of the programming out of DC? The majority of the people killed on 9/11 were killed in NYC. People flooded to Times Square and Ground Zero -- and we needed to hear from New Yorker's last night,too. (This from someone that lives in the mid-west.)

I wish the whole two hours of Newsroom would have been done out of NYC -- and if Anderson needed a co-anchor, then bring Eliot Spitzer in. Wolf's part was an extension of what he reported earlier in the day and the following two hours of TSR.

Eliot anchored from Ground Zero and had an excellent program. He spoke to FDNYC people from 9/11 among others and had a hard time fitting everything into his one hour time slot. Eliot has a unique perspective on the event and has been underutilized by CNN, IMO.

Piers Morgan was plain pathetic. A British reality TV person (and former Bristish Tabloid editor) has no business reporting breaking news, let along a story near and dear to America's heart. He has no perspective to offer and while his bookers may be able to book good guests, he simply doesn't know what to do with them.

I'm happy AC360 will be two hours tonight. While I was watching the news break last night, all I could think of is where is Anderson Cooper. He's a native New Yorker and the perfect anchor for this breaking news story. He's been to Afghanistan, he's followed the story, and CNN left him home? He's good at telling people's story and I loved his emphatic statement that OBL post-death tape would not be shown on any program he was on or associated with. Thank you Anderson for undestanding the way your viewers feel, having journaistic integrity and not just going for the ratings.

If CNN hopes to break out of third place in the ratings for more than a month or two, they need to learn to utilize their talent.

susan said...

I heard Anderson on KISS FM and he said he was wondering why he was not called in also.

LOVED that he said he would not show the tape. That is why I love him. CNN should have had him at ground zero last night, they dropped the ball on that.