Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Night Two of AC360 in LA?

Anderson Cooper was anchoring AC360 from the road again on Tuesday night. We've heard he's working on a story but we don't know if it's for CNN, 60 Minutes or it could be commercials/promos for his new talk show.

NEW DETAILS ON SCHWARZENEGGER CONFESSION, N.Y.Times: Boy was an 'occasional presence' at home
: Candy Crowley (by phone, Jessica Yellin and Joe Mathews (former L.A. Times writer) discuss the days big story with Anderson Cooper

Digging Deeper segment on the day's breaking news with Tom Foreman

Dr. Drew Pinsky talked with Cooper about the 'whys' of men cheating, including the narcissism factor

NEW ACTING LEADER OF AL QAEDA, Saif-al Adel is Egyptian fmr. special forces officer: Fran Townsend and Chris Lawrence

NEW DETAILS ON RAPE CHARGES AGAINST IMF CHIEF, Accuser is single mom with good employment record: Deborah Feyerick and Sunny Hostin

LIFE AT RIKERS ISLAND, Inside notorious N.Y. jail where IMF chief is being held: Mary Snow reporting, including an interview with Attorney Ron Kuby


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ACAnderFan said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a despicable person. Cheating on your wife and fathering an illegitimate child is a horrible thing to do to your family. If you want to sleep around then get divorced. There is no reason to put your family though the pain and humiliation of your cheating and producing an illegitimate child in the process. Really enjoyed the discussion with Dr.Drew. I like him and hearing what he has to say. He needs to be on 360 more often. He's one of my favorite guests on the program.

The RidcuList was great. I loved Anderson's snark towards cell phone lady. She's stupid, especially since she felt disrespected by the whole incident. Its obvious she has no regard for anyone else. If she did she wouldn't have spent 16 hours on her phone in the quiet car of the train.

Anonymous said...

This way one of the few AC 360 I did not really watch.

Anonymous said...

I like a juicy politician-sex-scandal story as much as the next person and it does make an interesting switch from all the Al Queda/Mideast mess stories, but geez, practically a half hour on it?

Schwartzenegger won't be hurt long time for this, he'll go back to movies and still make tons of money. Hope the kids including the new son make it through this okay.

The segment about life at Riker's Island was dull and didn't seem necessary.

Loved the Ridiculist; some people need a good talking to by Miss Manners.


judy said...

I don't know why everyone is so surprised about Arnold. It was obvious that Maria was unhappy for a very long time and played the political wife, under humiliating circumstances.
Arnold was a known womanizer when she married him and even then, there were suspicions cast about his own agenda, marrying a woman of priviledge in the Kennedy clan.
But Maria is strong willed and has her own career to fall back on.
Could have done without Dr.Drew. I find him thoroughly annoying. He always states the obvious and should be seen and heard on HLN.
Totally disagree with the anons on the post prior who don't think it is important where AC is reporting from.
Most anchors tell you upfront where they are and it COULD be part of the NEWS.
Amtrak's Acela has "quiet cars." I've been told, after a 2 minute conversation, "This is a quiet car."
What part of quiet did this woman not understand?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's because Anderson is in LA and "Arnold" is a bigger story there, but what was 360 thinking devoting half of the program to this tabloid story? A politician (and one no longer in office even)cheats -- not exactly breaking news. Not sure why the big panel was needed to discuss it (and Candy Crowley seemed to be thrown in to get her some face time on prime time?) - Anderon's KTH report would have been plenty. Tom Foreman's report(as much as I like him)and Dr. Drew's segment were totally unnecessary and felt like filler to me.

Men cheat - because they are men and can. If "the other woman" wasn't a participant, there would be no cheating, so they need to be held accountable, too. It's been happening since the beginning of time and I don't expect it to end any time soon. If Dr. Drew was truly concerned about the children, he wouldn't be on TV talking about the "scandal" but would be encouraging CNN/HLN to quit exploiting the story -- report the facts and move on.

The Life at Rikers Island report by Mary Snow felt like filler as well - not news. I would have liked to have heard more on the new Al Qaeda leader, more on the flooding in the South, and a report about what's going on with Syria and Israel/Lebanon. Apparently 360 isn't concerned with the debt ceiling being reached?

As good as the programs were at Ground Zero and the on the Middle East -- I guess my expectations have been raised, because I've seen how good the program can be.

While it shouldn't make a difference where Anderson anchor's from -- the problem is, when he's in LA the program often suffers; either because he's traveling that day or doing something else (the reason for him being in LA) and not devoting his attention to 360. The team seems to be scrambling last minute more when Anderson is in LA and the programs often contain a lot of filler. Tonight's program was a prefect example. Will be interesting to see what happens when the talk show starts taping, too.

I want to know what kind of phone that "cell phone lady" had -- with a battery that lasted 16 hours!

Jazz said...

I'm not at all surprised about Ahhnold I didn't feel like hearing about it anymore. Once "Dr." Drew started making the rounds on this story, I'd had enough of it.

The ridiculist was funny. But wow...A 16 HOUR CELL PHONE CONVERSATION!! I could care less about her nerve for chatting it up that long. I want to know what phone maintains a 16 hour battery life.

Phebe said...

I'm in the minority, judging from comments, but I enjoyed Anderson's discussion with Dr. Drew about why men cheat. I find the male psyche fascinating and irritating all at the same time. I could have done with shorter segments on Arnold but thought they all approached the story from a different angle and were relevant.
Nothing against Mary Snow but I really don’t care about the IMF chief and what will happen to him at Riker’s Island. Let’s worry more on the victim and will she get the care and she needs to recover. I would love to see more reporting from the South on flooding. Martin Savage is doing some terrific work reporting and deserves more air time, in my opinion. Also I wonder why Gary Tuchman was sent to Haiti to cover the swearing in ceremonies this past weekend and not one minute of it has aired on 360. I truly though Haiti was a passion of AC’s and am disappointed that this story isn’t being covered more.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Phebe the operative word with AC/360/CNN is was. They are on a split second news cycle - cover things for a brief minute then move on. While I don't care about the IMF chief I find the defense tactics interesting and the fact that people in France think nothing of it. Also I've heard that Gary's reports are on CNNi. It seems the days of caring for Haiti, NOLA and Japan have given way to gossip.

Anonymous said...

Anderson was in Los Angeles to do a 60 minutes story on an FBI guy. I guess it will be on 60 minutes Sunday.

The ATA Team said...

@anonymous 6:15, The 60 Minute segment on Lin DeVecchio has been finished for quite a while now, it was not filmed this week and not filmed in California.

Anonymous said...

oh sorry, I thought that could be what he is doing in CA.