Thursday, May 05, 2011

President Obama Visits Ground Zero

Anderson Cooper was at Ground Zero in NYC and Wolf Blitzer was in the CNN DC Bureau to anchor the special coverage of President Obama's visit to Ground Zero.

  • Mary Snow was outside the Engine 54 Fire Station in mid-town awaiting President Obama's arrival
  • John King was at Ground Zero with Anderson to discuss the President's plans for the visit
  • David Gergen joined Wolf for discussion about the President's visit

Anderson spoke with Monica Iken who lost her husband on 9/11

Anderson spoke with Senator Charles Schumer (D) NY, who was at Ground Zero for President Obama's visit

Anderson spoke with Lee Ielpi, a former firefighter whose son died on 9/11

  • Anderson talked to Ed Henry about what was happening inside the fire house
  • Mary Snow was outside the Engine 54 - "The Pride of Mid-Town" - that lost 15 men on 9/11 out of the 343 NYC fire fighters that died that day
  • Wolf spoke with David Gergen about the mood at the White House

Deb Feyerick was outside Engine 54 and spoke with the McNally sister's who lost their firefighter dad on 9/11

While reporter's were not allowed into Engine 54, a video of the President's remarks was released

And Anderson played the tape

Two fire fighter's from Engine 54 emerged to speak with reporters after President Obama left the fire house

  • President Obama's next stop was at the 1st Precinct of the NYPD in lower Manhattan
  • Anderson and John King discussed the victims and heroes that died on 9/11
  • Candy Crowley joined Wolf in the DC studios to discuss President Obama's visit
  • Anderson explained that the police officers from the 1st Precinct were the first to respond to the scene on 9/11

Anderson interviewed Kenny Specht, a retired New York firefighter

  • Ed Henry reported the details of President Obama's visit inside Precinct One
  • The motorcade arrived at Ground Zero with President Obama for the wreath laying ceremony
  • There was discussion with Ed Henry on how President Obama did not want to politicize the visit
  • And with John King about how the meetings with the families would be private

The wreath laying ceremony at Ground Zero

And President Obama expressing his condolences to a family who lost their husband/father on 9/11

Wolf spoke with Captain Tom Venditto, N.Y.F.D. Engine 54 about his experience meeting President Obama

  • Anderson ended the broadcast saying CNN would continue to follow the story
  • That John King, USA would be broadcasting from Ground Zero tonight
  • Anderson would have more on AC360
  • And jokingly, that Wolf would continue to show up on CNN every hour.

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broadway bound bunny said...

Watched most of the program and thought it was interesting. You could tell Anderson really wanted to talk to the family members and let them have their say about this day.

And as most of the Progressives said today was not about Politics it was about, I won't say closure, but something like that. So if any of you want to make it about politics fine, but you are wrong.

Heard one NY Congressman say that when the President went into the firehouse he took off his coat and loosened his tie and just talked to the fire fighters, he did not play politics.

If you want to know more about this Engine Co or the FDNY there are some great sites to look at.

ACAnderFan said...

Thanks ATA for the recap. I didn't get to see it today so I appreciate it.

The pics of Anderson under the extras are really nice :)

susan said...

Anderson is so good at talking with people who have been through tragedies.i enjoyed the coverage, but not sure why John King was there. Could have done without the silly panels in the middle of coverage. Should have had Anderson interviewing family members who lost loved ones or firefighters.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the photos and the videos. I wasn't able to watch the broadcast. It looks like President Obama handled today's event beautifully but you just know some people are going to grumble about it.

Except for college at Yale and studying in Vietnam, has Anderson always lived in NYC? I seem to remember a pre-360 video of him anchoring from Atlanta but that was just a short fill-in gig, wasn't it?


judy said...

@Susan: This was President Obama's day to speak to those who have lost loved ones and he did it well.
John King was there because he is a veteran news reporter of CNN.
You must be NEW to CNN and how they operate.
@Jaanza: I may be wrong but I seem to remember that AC lived in LA for a time before his days at CNN.