Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reporting the News From Pakistan to Mississippi

ABC NEWS: Pakistan hints China wants a peek at U.S. helicopter left during Bin Laden raid: Reza Sayah reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan

Bin Laden death photos to be shown to some members of Congress at CIA HQ: Fran Townsend and Peter Bergen discuss

PASTOR ADMITS TO LYING ABOUT BEING NAVY SEAL, Impostors emerge after bin Laden's death: Don Shipley, former Navy SEAL

STOLEN VALOR: Should phony veterans go to jail? Jeff Toobin talks with AC

BATTLING THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER: Severe flooding in Tunica, Miss.: John King reporting from Tunica, David Mattingly from Memphis, TN

REMEMBERING A CNN ORIGINAL: Ted Turner and Anderson Cooper pay tribute to former CNN President Burt Reinhardt who died today at 91 years old



On Twitter this afternoon AC posted this picture of himself on the set of his new daytime television show.

To which a follower tweeted back that she loved the fake background:

AC's response?

AC360 Transcript

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ACAnderFan said...

The RidicuList was great tonite, loved Anderson's snark.

Anderson's response to the person asking him if the background for his show was real was great. I love that he's getting snarky with people trying to call him out.

Chris said...

For those of you who watched when Anderson did the Nth degree, is the ridiculist similar? It seems like it from descriptions but I didn't know about him back then.

Loved his response about the fake background. How do these people manage to get replies from him? I've been watching since Katrina and have yet to get a response to anything - serious, happy, sad, personal or impersonal. Some people just have the magic touch I guess.

Ridiculist was funny tonight too.

aries moon said...

The Nth Degree was a mix of serious/funny/snarky commentary by AC at the end of the show and the memory of that was why I liked the Ridiculist right away--for some long time viewers, the Ridiculist will never equal the Nths, but I was happy when Anderson started doing them because it was clear that he was not going to bring the Nth's back no matter how much his viewers wanted them. The Ridiculist is hit and miss, but it's nice to have that one humorous bit at the end of the show. Tuesday's Ridiculist was one of the best ones so far.

judy said...

The Ridiculist was good and timely last nite because it spoke to the adult mentality in us all.
We know that Steven Colbert is a parody of BOR and I especially liked AC's line: "We know everyone goes to bed after the Daily Show."
That gives us humor and AC's smarts at the same time.