Monday, May 16, 2011

Where In The World Is Anderson Cooper?

Monday May 16th's edition of AC360 had Anderson Cooper anchoring from Los Angeles. Why LA? Why not?

PAKISTAN RETURNING DAMAGED CHOPPER, Tail was left behind during bin Laden raid:
Fran Townsend, Stan Grant (reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan) and Michael Hurley (former CIA officer) discuss the news with Anderson Cooper

DOZENS OF BODIES FOUND IN SHALLOW GRAVES, Gruesome discovery in Daraa, Syria: After a special report by Anderson of the violence in Syria and the country's tyrannical leader he then spoke by phone with Razan Zaytouni, a human rights activist.

CLASHES ALONG THE ISRAELI-SYRIAN BORDER, U.S. blames Syria for unrest: Jill Dougherty and Fouad Ajami discuss.

MISSISSIPPI RIVER FLOODING, Record crests in Vicksburg, Miss: Martin Savage reporting

IMF (International Monetary Fund) CHIEF DENIED BAIL IN SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE: Jeff Toobin talks the legal ramifications of the case



It was announced today that Anderson Cooper has been named Grand Marshal for the IPL 500 Festival Parade on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at noon in downtown Indianapolis. The Festival Parade is held in conjunction with the Indianapolis 500 Race. To check on ticket availability follow the link.

New York Magazine is reporting that Anderson will host the June 6th CFDA (Council for Fashion Designers of America) Awards. Among those being honored is Lady Gaga, who will receive the Fashion Icon Award for being a fashion revolutionary impacting style today. The event will be held at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.

The AC360 staff were treated to Sprinkle's cupcakes with the show's logo and the bosses image today. Yummy.....the cupcakes and the boss!

AC360 Transcript

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ACAnderFan said...

I couldn't get into 360 at all last nite, probably because I'm not feeling well. Thanks for the re-cap, ATA.

judy said...

Wherever AC was, either the lighting was exceptionally poor or he wasn't feeling well.
Have to say I too was distracted by DWTS and a new season of RHWONJ.
But did catch AC's Ridiculist and this time it was right on target about Sir Trump.
Let's just say Trump wouldn't be making AC a contestant anytime soon on the Apprentice, and AC wouldn't ever manage his political campaign if he changes his mind...what a blessing, saved from his mindless ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Good mix of topics yesterday, as it is lately. I don't know who is responsibe for the change, but I like it.
AC usually looks better in the LA studio, but yesterday he did seem somewhat pale (well, even paler than his usual color...).
Great Ridiculist, Trump was just asking for it.. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he will be in Los Angeles all week.

Anonymous said...

This won't get printed, but why does it matter where Anderson broadcasts from? It's not about how good he looks on camera, what suit he has on or how his make up looks ,IT'S ABOUT THE NEWS. And so you all won't have questions he is not taking over from The Donald and driving the pace car, he's in another stupid parade - got to get his face out there to promote his new show.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps AC is in LA has to do w/it being college graduation time - maybe he will be speaking at one of the many colleges/universities in the SoCal area? Just a guess. Or maybe he's interviewing someone for 60 Min. I agree w/Anon 5:20 - i5 doesn't really matter where he is as long as the show is good. My question is why isn't he up on the roof - he loves it up there! Perhaps the rain we have in NorCal has made it's way down south?