Monday, June 13, 2011

And So Another Presidential Race Begins.......

The post debate AC360 was loaded with pundits and opinion. John King assisted Anderson Cooper with the rundown. Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Cornell Belcher, Tom Foreman and Dana Loesch were the night's BPTOT and Andy Card, Robert Gibbs and Ron Paul were interviewed by AC.


Anderson Cooper did a 5 part interview with Mike Ahern when he was in Indianapolis late last month. We'll be posting one part each night this week. Here's segment 1:

Also AP Television Writer David Bauder wrote a piece about AC360 then and now. He quoted EP Charlie Moore as saying the old red 360 would never work today. Bauder writes "Instead, Cooper and Moore have fashioned a program that's one part breaking news and one part "truth-telling" squad and it is building momentum." He quoted Anderson as saying "I'm not an opinion person," Cooper said. "I'm not interested in being a conservative anchor or a liberal anchor, a Republican anchor or a Democratic anchor. I'm much more interested in trying to look at things at multiple angles and trying to walk in other people's shoes and understand things from a different vantage point."
To read the entire article on just follow the link.

While I'm not sure I totally agree with Mr. Moore that the old red 360 wouldn't work today I do know that times have changed. I'll leave you with a little extra from the ATA Vault that illustrates just how much. Long gone is the innocent babe-in-the-woods Cooper who pretended to try and email the POTUS. These days he probably has a more direct option.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Love the extras. Really Enjoyed the interview with Mike Ahern, can't wait to see the other 4 parts.

I miss Red 360. I liked that he would do crazy things like try and e-mail the president.

judy said...

Could have done without that horrid Loesch woman who was so pleased about that other less horrid conservative tea party candidate, Michele Bachmann.
Why was she pleased? She didn't make a fool out of herself, but the viewers were less pleased because no one really stood out or could for that matter, be the POTUS and stand in his shoes today, tomorrow, or the day after that.
The NYT reported in its business section today, that Nancy Grace has made a more than stunning come back on HLN with the Casey Anthony trial and has snatched the ratings from mostly everybody.
Good for her. Finally a woman has come into her own on HLN and it is a former prosecutor and not a talk show host.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, did not watch 360 on Monday. Of course it was going to be entirely about the Republican debate that just ended. The ATA recap doesn't mention Paul Begala or Rich Galen; were they totally cut out of the show?

Thanks for the classic Nth Degree. I don't think I've seen that one before. The topic - emailing the Prez - would work well as a Ridiculist so I'm not sure what Charlie Moore means when he says the old 360 wouldn't work anymore when at least one part (Nth Degree/Ridiculist) seems pretty much the same thing.


ACAnderFan said...
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Broadway Bound Bunny said...

I didn't watch the debate, I'm still recovering from the ones from the last election. It seems they never end AND no one ever says anything except what they don't like - no solutions.

@Jaanza I love the emailing the Prez video and I don't agree with Charlie Moore the old 360 would work and it looks like Anderson will be incorporating it into his new show.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear Glenn Beck today about CNN? Funny