Friday, June 03, 2011

Anderson Cooper, They Say It's Your Birthday!

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with the breaking news of new signs tonight that Yemen could be on the brink of a civil war, the attack on the presidential compound today and the injuries that resulted; and video that appears to be a violent government crackdown on protesters demanding the president step down.

YEMEN ON THE BRINK OF CIVIL WAR, Attack on Presidential Compound: Anderson's telephone interview with Jeb Boone, Managing Editor, Yemen Times and Follow up discussion with Christopher Dickey & Fareed Zakaria (An excellent discussion of the conflict in Yemen and why it matters to the U.S.)

JOHN EDWARDS INDICTED, Told reporters "I did not break the law": A report by Tom Foreman and Anderson's follow up discussion with Jeff Toobin and Joe Johns

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

The SHOT ~

Attention Mr. Cooper, please take notice that the little boy in the video was wearing a bike helmet. Perhaps you'll get one as a birthday gift?


CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRIAL: A report by Anderson Cooper

CASEY ANTHONY'S WEB OF LIES, Recordings reveal wild, intricate fabrications: Anderson's follow up discussion with Jean Casarez and Dr. Drew Pinsky

Anderson Cooper's Birthday Surprise ~


From The ATA Team, "Happy Birthday, Anderson! And many, many more!"

Lots of EXTRAS tonight to hold you until Sunday's post. Remember, starting this weekend, ATA is going to one post per weekend (early Sunday). Sunday begins a special series.... stay tuned!

Anderson's staff had a little birthday surprise for Anderson at the office this afternoon ~

Stage one of @andersoncooper's birthday bonanza - @sprinkles cupcakes! What else do we have up our sleeves?#ac360

#AC360 Behind the Scenes: @AndersonCooper's birthday!


and then... a Thanks for the birthday wishes! Tweet from Anderson, complete with video ~


A Photos section has been added to the website ~

A little more from Toronto yesterday ~

Fromm ~

Anderson Cooper Isn’t Trying To Replace Oprah

“For some people, the news doesn’t connect with their daily lives, but on daytime television, you can connect with an audience in an emotional way,” said the Silver Fox, who plans to interview both celebrities and everyday people, according to Canada’s National Post. Cooper has been careful to stress that he is, in no way, trying to replace the queen of talk shows herself-Oprah Winfrey. He believes Ms. Winfrey will still be a force to be reckoned with in the media. (please click on link for full article and photo gallery)

From ~

In one of the more humorous on-stage moments of yesterday’s Upfront, Rick Brace, president, specialty channels and CTV Production, welcomed Kendra Wilkinson, the star of Kendra, of one of E!’s most popular shows. When Brace asked Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, what viewers can expect in the fourth season of the reality show, she said it hasn’t started shooting yet, but it will definitely feature more about her being a mom and wife. “And lots more booty shaking,” she said, turning and giving a booty shake to prove her point. “This has been the best upfront I’ve ever been to,” said Brace to big laughs from the crowd.
When Anderson Cooper took the stage later to talk about Anderson, his new daytime show about a mix of social issues and celebrity coverage that will air weekdays at 5 p.m., he said “I’d prepared a talk about the show, but Kendra stole all my lines because if there’s [a way] to describe Anderson, it’s ‘booty shaking.’” He went on to explain that his show is about “meeting people behind the headlines… It will tell stories you wouldn’t normally see on the news.”
(please click on link for full article)

And last, but not least, a little bit of theater for your weekend ~

Remember when we first heard that Anderson was going to be the book voice for the current Broadway revival of How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying? Well, here's the Opening Number with star Daniel Radcliffe and the off-stage voice of Anderson Cooper. Enjoy ~


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ACAnderFan said...

The birthday surprise for Anderson was great. The pony and dog were so cute! The 360 did a good job embarrassing Anderson. He probably doesn't like stuff like that but its fun to watch! I hope he had a good birthday.

The pictures on Anderson talk show website are really nice, especially the ones kind of showing behind the scenes.

Looking forward to the sunday series of posts.

Anonymous said...

Always thought Isha was in Atlanta, but I guess she's in the control room in NYC.
Thought her "dog and pony show" was very cute and a real surprise for AC.
Thanks for the extras.
Larry King was on Bill Maher's program and now I know why I miss him.

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good show on Friday. However, "Breaking News" about Yemen being on the brink of a civil war isn't really breaking news; they've been close to civil war for over a month now.

The reports on John Edwards and Casey Anthony were good. I know some people don't like Dr. Drew but I like him way more than Dr. Phil.

Happy Birthday, Anderson. Glad you enjoyed the dog and pony. At the risk of sounding like a real party pooper....I really wanted to hear your Ridiculist about Paris Hilton.

Looking forward to watching the vidoes tomorrow when I can get on the better computer.


aries moon said...

Fun birthday presentation for AC, the dog riding the pony was adorable. Loved AC saying the whole thing seemed like "an acid trip". I didn't realize the 360 set was so large and it was nice seeing Isha on the set and fully participating in the surprise. I think she's based in Atlanta but just comes up to NY from time to time.

What a great set of clips in this post--I especially liked the How To Succeed in Business video--hearing the familiar voice of AC, watching Daniel Radcliffe appear onstage and the dancers/actors and music was fantastic. I wish I could see a Broadway show in person. Also AC's birthday videos were a treat too--nice of him to thank his viewers for their b-day tweets. Those 360 folks DO love them some cupcakes....

Anonymous said...

AC's birthday surprise was one of the better ones, not lame or anything. And Jaanza I thought dog and pony show also, no wonder AC didn't pick up on that.

Anonymous said...

Is Isha in the control room every night?

Anonymous said...

According to Isha's offical bio on she is based in Atlanta. This is probably due to the fact that is is a prominent member of CNN International, has her own program, Africa Today and only does the nightly bulletins for 360.

My guess she travels frequently to NY to meet w/Anderson as well as other, and came up for this birthday segment they did for him the other night.

I know ATA doesn't like linksposted in coments, but here is the link to her bio on

I think she's a great addition to 360 w/brains as well as a wit to go up against AC!!

Anyone know why AC was in Toronto - was it to plug his daytime gig?

Phebe said...

@anonymous 4:20, Anderson was in Toronto for an 'upfront'. It's common in syndicated television for hosts to go to these events to meet with advertisers, executives and television programmers. It's called an 'upfront' because it gives marketers the opportunity to buy commercial airtime up front, or several months before the television season begins.

And yes you are right about Isha, she's an important part of CNNi and is based in Atlanta, not NYC. That was the same set up Erica Hill had when she first started doing the 360 bulletin. She eventually moved to NYC and, if memory serves me, she was working for CBS on Saturday's within a year.