Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful men out there. If you're one of our lovely lady readers please wish your husbands, partners and fathers all the best from the All Things Anderson crew.

I just adore the love that this wonderful Cooper family picture exudes. It just screams warmth, happiness and the security of a loving family.

This sepia picture of Wyatt and Anderson sets a different mood, one of a father and son sharing a moment of dress up and pretend that a little boy seems to be taking very seriously. I have a similar picture of my husband with our kids that was taken when they were around this same age. Our picture was taken in Gettysburg, I'm not sure where Wyatt and Anderson posed for theirs.

Anderson has always been generous in sharing the story of his father with interviewers. As many of you are aware Wyatt was an accomplished playwright and author. He also was an actor briefly in his younger days but his biggest accomplishment was his wonderful devotion to his family, especially his sons.

Most of us are familiar with Wyatt's writings through Families, A Memoir and a Celebration.Recently AC shared with Larry King a letter his father wrote to Anderson right before he died. Here's that clip:

In 2006 Larry King wrote a book entitled 'My Dad and Me'. It was a compilation of stories that the rich and famous shared with King about their fathers. While promoting the book Larry did an interview with Anderson and the talk turned to the commonality of losing their fathers at a very young age.

The tables were turned a few months later when Anderson Cooper was promoting 'Dispatches from the Edge' Larry King interviewed him. Again the talk turned to loss.

We're not sure just when this picture was taken (doesn't young Anderson look to be about 8?) but we do know that it hangs in the halls of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. If you're a country music fan maybe you can tell us who the Cooper family was visiting?

We'll be back to our retrospective of Anderson on Live with Regis and Kelly next Sunday. This weekend we'll be posting twice, today's Father's Day post and Sunday night we hope to have Anderson's appearance presenting on the Daytime Emmy Awards for you. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

Very nice post. I like when Anderson talks about his dad, its always so sweet. The sepia picture of Anderson and his dad is cute.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!

Dan W. said...

I once saw Anderson Cooper talking about losing his father at a young age and he quoted someone. The quote was very powerful to me at the time but I can't quite remember it. Something like "A child who loses his dad at a young age finds later he can do anything but is afraid of everything."

Does anyone know the actual quote and (ideally) the source? I also lost my Dad at a young age and this is onmy mind today.

tt said...


The quote is "To a fatherless child, all things are possible and nothing is safe." It is from writer Mary Gordon.

I'm sorry for your loss.

tt said...

Anderson mentioned getting a photo taken with his dad in old fashioned US military garb in his book. It was during the book tour through the south that his dad took him on. I'll wager that is the photo. I don't remember if AC named the place it was taken (maybe New Orleans?), but I do remember it was after Wyatt's first heart episode and AC said something like looking back he felt his dad was conscious of his own mortality and trying to make as memories as possible for them.