Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots of News, Lots of Extras

GIFFORDS RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL, Expected to begin outpatient therapy soon: Anderson spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about what comes next for the Congresswoman

W.H. DEFENDS MILITARY ACTION IN LIBYA, Sends 32-page report to Congress: Report by Dan Lothian and further discussion with Professor Laura Donohue and by phone Jeff Toobin

N.Y. TIMES: PAKISTAN'S CHIEF OF ARMY FIGHTING TO KEEP HIS JOB: Fran Townsend (by phone) and Reza Sayah (by satellite) and Mark Mazzetti (NYT)


PROSECUTION RESTS IN CASEY ANTHONY TRAIL, Defense motion for acquittal denied: Gary Tuchman reporting

CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRAIL, Prosecution rests: Nancy Grace

THE RIDICULIST: Petra Ecclestone

Thanks to an ATA reader for sending us the links to Gloria Vanderbilt's appearances on The Love Boat (see Ridiculist). AC neglected to mention that his mother appeared on a two part episode:

The Love Boat (TV series)
Gloria Vanderbilt
– Model Marriage, A/This Year's Model/Original Sin/Vogue Rogue/Too Clothes for Comfort: Part 1 (1981) … Herself
– Model Marriage, A/This Year's Model/Original Sin/Vogue Rogue/Too Clothes for Comfort: Part 2 (1981) … Herself


We've been posting Mike Ahern's 5 part interview with Anderson all this week. Here's the 3rd segment:

AC360's website recently posted two more in their series of behind the scenes interviews. The first is with Anderson's photojournalist Neil Hallsworth:

The second was a look at the dog and pony show for AC's big birthday celebration:

Anderson answered another fan's question today about his new talk show:

It's pretty obvious that Anderson was a no show at the Wildlife Federation Awards in California, where he was to be honored on Wednesday night. Makes you wonder if some groups just use his name to sell tickets without actually getting a commitment from Mr. Cooper to attend? Or maybe he just did a prerecorded speech?

It seems a bit of a catch 22. If he issues a statement that he's not going to be there he upsets a worthy organization trying to raise money for a good cause and if he doesn't announce that he won't attend he alienates fans who have bought tickets to see him in person. Seems a lose/lose situation for him. ~Phebe

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Another good RidicuList. I love that the Spelling home was her 2nd choice. Wonder what the first choice was. Love Anderson's snark when he's talking about young super rich girls.

Part III of Mike Ahern's interview with Anderson was very good. I look forward to hearing the next 2 parts of it.

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't get into the first half of 360; it's great news that Rep. Giffords is recovering so well and I wish her all the best but felt the report on her was too long.

Anderson made a good point about John Edwards' mug shot. It's true, it does look just like a random snapshot.

Not a big fan of Nancy Grace but she delivered a great segment on the Casey Anthony trial. I wouldn't mind seeing her on 360 intermittenly to talk about the trial.

Poor Anderson... it's bad when your mom writes a book about her sex life but it's even worse when she goes on The Love Boat. That was the cheesiest lamest show ever. It was my mom's favorite and with one TV in a small house I was exposed to a lot of Love Boat.


judy said...

I'm glad Rep.Giffords is being released and having more personalized care and home therapy.
This is a good sign and except for the indentation, that AC made reference to, you really can't tell by her appearance, the terrible experience she has gone through.
Time is the best healer, as always.
Glad to see Nancy Grace, playing herself. I say this with all respect intended because she is so well known, she too, has become a parody of herself.
You can tell she is really into defending Caylee and very absorbed with the case. Viewers like the intensity of her interest.
I will watch the defense try to make its point and hope that the jury, unlike the OJ case, will come to a "reasonable, logical, conclusion."
Again I liked the shot better than the list. The tiger had a certain appeal and so did the child...both endearing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the impression that the recipients of the NWF awards would appear at the ceremony -- here's what the announcement said:

"We are proud to honor Lawrence, Anderson, Alyssa and Howard, all of whom have devoted their energy and time toward making our planet a habitable place for all species....
Emceed by comedienne Annabelle Gurwitch and featuring special guest and world-renowned animal expert Jack Hanna, the evening will highlight the tremendous achievements of the organization over 75 years and spotlight this year’s extraordinary honorees. Guests will enjoy cocktails, dinner, an awards ceremony and the opportunity to engage one-on-one with some of the most beloved wildlife that National Wildlife Federation works to protect."

That just says that buying a ticket entitles you to cocktails, dinner, & maybe a chance to meet Gurwitch, Hana, & some other (more interesting) animals.

Anonymous said...

I don't really enjoy the RidicuList, though I guess I'm in minority here. For example, what was the point last night? the girl obviously is very rich, so she bought a very expensive house. Why do we care? did she steal the money? I realize she didn't have to work for that money, but I don't feel like it's my business what she does with it. Maybe she likes big houses so she can roller-skate from one room to another. Whatever. I may find it ridiculous that someone would buy an old firehouse and convert it into a house (yes, I know that was only a few millions, nothing close to that mansion from the RidicuList), but that isn't my business either. I'm really over the need to make fun of other people lives. Sarah

Anonymous said...

@Sarah: Right as rain.
I'm not into the Ridiculist either.
We may be in the minority here, but I don't think we are in the minority in general.
Sometimes it hits the spot, but rarely.
It is a forced sense of humor and I'm not into either.
Banter with Isha would make more sense, but then what do we know, we are only viewers.
But we know what we want to see.

Anonymous said...

Sarah you are not alone in your thinking.
I was thinking the exact same thing.
Who is AC to make fun of someone's choice of property when he buys a firehouse as a residence and that's just one of his properties!
That's not funny, it's hypocritical.