Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday

U.S. OFFICIALS: GROWING IRANIAN ROLE IN SYRIA, Iranian forces possibly training Syrian troops: Fran Townsend and Fouad Ajami

BATTLE OF THE PURSE STRINGS, Congress to vote on Libya mission: Dana Bash and David Gergen


THE SHOT: Bird & Turtle

JUDGE IN CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL ERUPTS, Scolds lawyers and suspends court for day: Gary Tuchman

DEFENSE WITNESS RAISES DOUBTS ABOUT DUCT TAPE, Also describes Caylee Anthony autopsy as 'shoddy': Dr. Michael Hunter

FOLLOW UP: Andrea Lyon and Paul Henderson



Press Club Rewind posted a video of their events last week that includes a short snippet of AC's speech.

If you read our sister blog, All Things CNN, today you know that Ed Henry has left CNN to join Fox news. He had some very nice departing words for his CNN colleagues, especially Anderson and his producer Charlie Moore:
Working with Anderson has been unbelievable, especially because of the remarkable Charlie Moore.

We've had some wonderful experiences in the past doing question and answer interviews with members of CNN. If you aren't familiar there's a tab on both blogs that links those posts. We have never had any luck getting Anderson to answer our reader's questions even though we've made requests to his PR person several times in the last 5 years. We're not bitter..... well maybe just a little bitter.
But fear not! Anderson is now taking your questions on his talk show site and on To submit a question just follow the link . We hope you have better luck getting your questions answered than we did!

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I think 360 spent way too much time on the Casey Anthony trial. If people want to hear about that let them turn to HLN, keep that crap off of 360.

Anonymous said...

CNN's ratings were very poor this past Friday.
360 did better than most of primetime, but the demos were off, and I suspect this is the reason so much time was spent on the Caylee Anthony trial.
Loved the shot with the bird pushing the turtle off the edge of the desk, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

Anonymous said...

The ratings are poor now and I can't imagine how they will be once Anderson's new show begins. Ed Henry and others may have nice things to say about Anderson and Charlie but geez, aren't shows usually cancelled because of poor ratings?

Stop complaining! said...

If you don't want to hear about the Casey Anthony trial there is such a think called a mute button and an off button - use it. You people are NEVER satisfied with 360 - I hope it tanks, is taken off and Anderson quits CNN - will serve you all right.

aries moon said...

I'm not sure what they'd put in the 10:00 pm hour if they were to cancel 360. It may not bring in gigantic ratings every night, but it's doing somewhat better than the rest of the lineup on CNN and it sometimes gets very good numbers and demos and AC is established and has some name recognition. Piers Morgan hasn't been the savior for CNN the way they had hoped and I don't know if another lineup shakeup is something they want to jump into right now, but you never know and time will tell and how AC's daytime show will factor into things remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's rating are higher than any other show on CNN. That tells me there is an over all problem at CNN.Does not help that his lead ins are Morgan and In the Arena.

Dorothy said...

@StopComplaining - thank you!!!