Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Cooper & Ms. Vanderbilt

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Bachmann’s Double Talk: Anderson Cooper reporting

BACHMANN ON THE DOLE, Campaigns against Big Govt. but benefits from it: John King and Gloria Borger

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Syria Deadly Crackdown: Anderson Cooper reporting and speaking by phone with human rights activist Razan Zaitouneh

UNREST IN SYRIA, Government censorship of media continues: Arwa Damon

CRITICAL DAY IN THE AMANDA KNOX APPEAL, Defense trying to overturn conviction: Dan Rivers


THE SHOT: Dancing Chihuahua

CASEY ANTHONY DEEMED COMPETENT, Trial resumes after Anthony evaluated: Martin Savage

FOLLOW UP: Sunny Hostin and Jean Casarez

THE RIDICULIST: Kim Kardashian Haters


NY1 posted a wonderful interview today with Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson's mother. You can read the transcript on their site. Here's the interview

Anderson tweeted today that he took his mom to 'Sleep No More' an interactive theater experience that has been getting rave reviews since opening this Spring. To read more about the unusual Shakespeare adaptation follow this link.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The interview with Gloria is really good. She's a very interesting person. I love when she said Anderson asked her what her greatest accomplishment was, what she was most proud of and she said him. That's sweet :)

judy said...

I can't believe for one minute that John King and AC actually think that Michele Bachmann is a viable candidate. Really?? On what plantet?
The Republicans don't believe it.
I don't care if she is Miss Ditzy and yes, Chris Wallace had it right for asking if she was "a flake." He has more nerve than they do it seems, because that's exactly what she is.
Just because she can put a complete sentence together doesn't mean she's a candidate for the Presidency boys.
Thanks for the Gloria video.
Gloria seems rather frail but still in fashion wearing a white boyfriend watch and going to the theater with AC. That should keep her wits about her at 87.

Anonymous said...

As a Minnesotan (but I don't live in her district), let me say that Rep. Bachmann is a flake. The panel discussing how flakey she is could have been three times longer. I wish Anderson would have said something more about Bachmann confusing John Wayne with John Wayne Gacy.

Loved the goofy dancing chiwaawaa.

The 360 daily recap of the Casey Anthony trial lets me know if anything happened that I'd like to find out more about and check the net or the Nancy Grace repeat.

I didn't know enough about the Kardashians to tell them apart. Now I know Kim is the one with the big butt.


aries moon said...

Someone needs to tell Anderson and Gloria Borger that Chris Wallace was not being sexist when he asked Bachmann if she was a flake--anyone familiar with some of her past statements would know that she fits that description quite accurately and Anderson should know better himself having interviewed her. And while she may not avoid interviews like Palin, she does not answer questions directly the way Gloria Borger claimed--the interview with Bob Schieffer (he is awesome) clearly showed her resorting to her usual Obama bashing and talking points when he was trying to get her to own up to her inaccurate statements. It's also laughable to try to compare Bachmann to Hillary Clinton in any way, shape or form. Anderson practically sounded like he was cheerleading for Bachmann during the segment with John King and Borger.

The interview of Gloria Vanderbilt was wonderful--she still tries to be as active as she can and her optimistic attitude is inspiring. I thought I saw Kathy Griffin with her towards the end of the video too.

Anonymous said...

Was that in the first hour? I only watched the 2nd hour, so I guess I missed it. Thanks for the video!!

Anonymous said...

"Trail resumes after Anthony evaluated"

Shades of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans: "Happy trails to you! Until we meet again! Keep smiling until then!"

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

@Jaanza I can't stand the K sisters. Recently I learned that Kim did a video for It Gets Better placing herself into the same category as the kids who were bullied because people said mean things about her on the Net. People like that I have no use for.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post with AC's Mom's video.

Tom Foreman posted "Rasberries", actually on hiking trips I often ate wild berries. They are smaller but far more tasty.

Tell Tom to leave a few more for the birds! ;-)
Happy trail

Tedi B said...

Thanks for the video of Gloria. She has lead a remarkable life in so many ways. Her attitude about still having amazing things to come is what keeps her young.