Thursday, June 09, 2011

NATO, Newt & A Murder Trial

BREAKING NEWS - SOURCE, NATO NOW TARGETING GADHAFI: A report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Fran Townsend, Gen. Wesley Clark (by phone) & John Burns (by phone from Tripoli)

GINGRICH CAMPAIGN CRISIS: A report by Anderson Cooper

MASS EXODUS FROM GINGRICH CAMPAIGN, Huge blow to Republicans White House bid: Anderson's discussion with Rich Galen and Gloria Borger

CASEY ANTHONY'S MURDER TRIAL, Graphic photos of Caylee's skeletal remains shown in court: Anderson's introduction to today's events in the courtroom

CASEY ANTHONY'S MURDER TRIAL, Judge ends testimony early, says Casey is ill: A report by Gary Tuchman and Anderson's follow up discussion with Gary & Dr. Drew Pinsky

The 'Sissy Boy' Experiment, Uncovering The Truth: Anderson introduced part 3 of the series and said there would be more on Friday night's AC360

'SISSY BOY' EXPERIMENT'S LINK TO TODAY, Gay children sent to therapy aimed at changing them: A report by Randi Kaye

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

The RidicuList: Leona Helmsley



Anderson has mentioned he's a fan of Tosh.0 and apparently the feeling is mutual...


'Anderson' Talk Show news ~

Here's the link to a video of an interview Anderson did with CTV News, Canada AM, in Toronto last week.

Anderson tweeted yesterday about being in Las Vegas for a meeting for his talk show -- The photos are from an interview with Olivia Fierro from FOX5 Las Vegas ~



It’s back to the future today as PromaxBDA convenes its first Station Summit at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas....and to introduce stations to Anderson Cooper — both the show and the man himself.
“Anderson understands the importance of local community so he’s going to tell his vision for his show in his own words,” says Susan Kantor, who plans to build upon Cooper’s journalistic credibility from CNN and 60 Minutes. “Our stations can introduce the daytime audience to Anderson’s lighter side, as he’s shown on Regis & Kelly and on his New Year’s Eve specials.”
Kantor fully expects Warner’s Summit meetings to be a two-way conversation as stations will want to know how Cooper will help them to promote his show locally. “Our syndicated lineup helps to brand local stations. They become known as the Ellen station and the TMZ station,” says Kantor, citing two successful WB shows with a strong track record for customizing station promotion.

From the website ~

Anderson vs. Anderson
Anderson in Las Vegas promoting the new show.

More talk show news ~

From the website

"Anderson" will cover a wide range of topics with provocative personal stories. Whether discussing social issues, trends and events, pop culture, or human interest stories, Anderson will involve viewers in the studio audience and at home in a daily discussion that will be both informative and entertaining. Anderson will also interview celebrity guests, as well as experts to bring daytime viewers real information they can use in their own lives and to help real people overcome real life challenges.
The website will also provide viewers with an interactive community and platform to discuss what's on their minds and to connect with Anderson, and with each other.
With undercover investigations and hidden camera experiments, Anderson will offer a fresh perspective on issues and social trends affecting women's lives. "Anderson" will be a daily destination for multiple generations of women, a place where viewers can gain insight, and connect with each other and the world around them.

And 'Anderson' in the news ~

Anderson Cooper Names Exec Producer From 'Oprah'
Anderson Cooper set to join the daytime talk-show ranks

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Part III of the sissy boy piece was pretty good. Its sad that parents are taking their kids to doctors to "cure" them from being gay. These parents need to love their kids for who they are and stop trying to change them.

Love all the extras. The 2 promotional pics are nice, especially the one of Anderson at the breakfast table.

judy said...

Finally a Ridiculist that was actually ridiculous: Yes, Leona Helmsley's leaving her dog Trouble 12 million dollars was on the face of it, over the top.
But when you think about it, that money was possibly set aside for her grandchildren who "never gave her the attention or respect she thought she deserved," so it wasn't that ridiculous. It was plain vindictive and people "get even" all the time.
Some people just like animals better than people and perhaps Leona was one of them, but Trouble was a very lucky doggie.
AC said Leona went to jail because "only little people pay taxes." He probably meant to say she went to jail because SHE didn't pay taxes and that was her indignant reply at the time.
No matter Leona, with all her money, should have hired herself a good PR person because all the public can remember about her is that she was, MEAN.
Interesting story about Oprah today in USA Today and how she over estimated her luck with her new network, OWN.
Sometimes famous people just over estimate the public's desire
for more face time and their
own appeal.

Em said...

Love the light blue sweater in the last picture...but what's with the coffee? tea? Remember AC, you don't drink hot things!

Really though, great job with the extra's. They are really promoting the new show, Anderson is popping up everywhere. Tonight his name came up with Bravo Andy on Guess What Happens Live. The reference was to an Anderson quote that went something like, "People who throw around the word class generally have none." Loved it!

Anonymous said...

@Judy: if you watched the clip of the Ridiculist, Anderson did not say "only little people pay taxes", but was summarizing Leona Hemsley's past. He said that Leona Hemsley DECLARED that only little people pay taxes! He didn't imply that only little people pay taxes!

From the clip: "...on the grounds that Leona Hemsley, who famously went to prison after declaring that only the little people pay taxes, was mentally unstable"

Was the last portion of your post directed at Anderson? ("Famous people over estimate the public's desire for more face time and their own appeal"?)

Anonymous said...

Thursday's show was very good There was a variety of stories all done well. I'm beginning to really like Rich Galen as a political commentator, loved how he made Gloria Borger laugh.

The Sissy Boy Experiment segments are exactly the kind of in-depth reports that we here hope for when Anderson is overly captivated with only one story. I predict an Emmy or Edward R. Murrow award coming up for these segments.

Isha mentioned one poll from Weiner constiuents in which most of them want him to stay. There have been a couple others. Hopefully the media circus about Weiner is packing up and leaving town. As Lawrence O'Donnell calls it, "the sex scandal without any sex."

Sorry to hear Trouble died, he was a cute little doggie. For all of Leona Helmsley's faults, she made sure her beloved pet would be well taken care of after she died. Fooey patooey on the grandchildren. It was her money and she could have done anything she wanted with it.


aries moon said...

Someone on the other post mentioned the Nth Degree--I loved it--(OMG, fangirl!)--it was smart and witty and whatever the reason for Anderson starting up The Ridiculist, I'm happy about it, even if it's hit or miss--I've always enjoyed his sense of humor. Thursday's Ridiculist was on point and funny.

Thanks for all the 'Anderson' extras--looks like he's got himself a very hard working team for the new show.

@ACAnderfan, I totally agree with your comments about George Rekers from the previous ATA post.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Jaanza 6/10/11 2:54 AM: FYI: Leona Helmsley disinherited some of her children in favor of her dog.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:15 pm - As stated, it was her money, she didn't have to leave it to any family members if she didn't want to. If Helmsley wanted to give money to some grandkids but not others, alrighty then.

I don't have a problem with Helmsley leaving millions to her dog. Anon 12:15 you could do the same thing if you have a pet. Remember it's your money not your kids' inheritance.

There are several movies with this theme. Siblings waiting for their old man to die so they'll get a rich inheritance. Old man changes his will leaving them all $5 and takes his money for a wild trip to Vegas or Rio de Janeiro and dies happy.

Personally, I'll make sure my Inky (or whatever pet I have at the time) will be taken care of after I die.


Anonymous said...

I think Anderson's new show has a chance to be really good if the come up with interesting topics.

Tedi B said...

I enjoyed the Sissy Boy story. I hope they do more things like this in the future, or maybe address things like that in more depth during "Anderson".