Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Presidential Address, Same-Sex Marriage, and Casey Anthony

ALL 33,000 'SURGE' TROOPS LEAVING AFGHANISTAN Pres. Obama says U.S. must focus on issues at home:
Report by Anderson Cooper

ALL 33,000 'SURGE' TROOPS LEAVING AFGHANISTAN Pres. Obama announces withdrawal begins next month:
Discussion with Fareed Zakara, Gloria Borger, Peter Bergen, David Gergen

Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Evan Wolfson

360 BULLETIN: Randi Kaye

CASEY ANTHONY'S FAMILY BELIEVES 'SHE'S NOT INNOCENT' Attorney for parents, brother speaks out: Report by Gary Tuchman

Discussion with Dr. Michael Hunter and Jean Casarez

360 BULLETIN: Randi Kaye

Southwest Airlines


AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The RidicuList was very funny. Good to know that pilot is so accepting of others...LOL!!! Does he seriously expect every flight attendant he encounters to be hot? Love Anderson's sarcasm.

judy said...

Now that the POTUS is finally starting to get the Afgan troops home, according to the pundits and AC, he's not doing it fast enough.
I suspect they will all be home by election time, have no fear.
Interesting that Casey Anthony's parents think she's guilty, but don't think she deserves the death penalty. Really.
Well, that means that they will in fact appeal, should it come to that.
Folks save your money for your old age. You've been through enough and we all know, she wouldn't do it for you two.
Remind me not to fly Southwest. These pilots don't seem to understand we want them to concentrate behind those locked cabin doors...Concentrate on flying the plane so you don't kill us. We didn't seal you in there after 9/11 so you could chit chat about who you want to date.