Friday, June 24, 2011

A Slow News Summer Friday? Not!

Anderson opened AC360 with the breaking news - The N.Y. Senate was voting on the same-sex marriage bill. Mary Snow was on the phone from Albany,and Evan Wolfson & Richard Socaridies joined Anderson in the studio.

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE VOTE, religious protection amendment passes: State Sen. Greg Ball

INSIDE SYRIA, CNN kept away from anti-Assad demos: Arwa Damon from Damascus, Syria

Anderson's interview with a protester from Syria (who didn't wish to be identified) "who has been risking his life, day in and day out while his friends are arrested and killed" explained what happened during the government raid at Damascus University

N.Y. SENATE PASSES SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BILL, Marriage Equality Act approved 33-29: Anderson discusses with Evan Wolfson and Richard Socaridies

HIGH EMOTIONS IN THE CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL, Mother and brother break down on witness stand: A report by Gary Tuchman and follow up with Jean Casarez and Sunny Hostin

HORRORS OF SEX TRAFFICKING IN NEPAL, Demi More and CNN Hero of the Year join forces: A preview of the new CNN documentary Nepal's Stolen Children - The CNN Freedom Project

AC360 was live into the second hour ~

N.Y. SENATE PASSES SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BILL, Becomes sixth state to legalize gay marriage: Mary Snow was back on the phone with the latest details of the historic vote

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

N.Y. GOV. ON MARRIAGE BILL PASSAGE, Gov. Andrew Cuomo a key backer of measure: Live speech by Gov. Andrew Cuomo

After Gov. Cuomo's speech on this historic night in NY, AC360 went to replay...


According to the Manhattan Club Health Plaza, the scuba-diving refresher course Anderson tweeted about yesterday (for a 60 Minutes story) is for a dive in Cuba later this year.

and ~

The apparently didn't like being placed on the RidicuList last night. They must not appreciate/understand "sarcasm" when they see it. Here's the link the their response today.

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ACAnderFan said...

Good for NY for legalizing gay marriage! This is a step in the right direction.

Wonder what's in Cuba that Anderson will be diving for.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's not often that the "Breaking News" is truly breaking and happening right when 360 is on the air. Good job to both the NY state legislature and 360.

How long will it be before the U.S. Supreme Court makes a Loving v. Virginia type of decision and gay marriage is legalized throughout the country? Before 1967 different states had different rules about inter-racial marriage and Loving v. Virginia was the case that made it legal in every state.

I'm guessing another generation, maybe two. Today's younger people are much more okay with gay marriage than older people.

Don't know what's in the water off Cuba. Sunken pirate treasure? A secret dolphin university? Jimmy Hoffa?


aries moon said...

What a great moment in history for New York--it looked a little touch and go for a while, but the NY Senate did the right thing and Gov. Cuomo's determination to get same sex marriage legalized was really impressive. Hopefully more states will follow and President Obama will evolve into full support. Enjoyed watching all of 360's coverage on this.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Now we have to work on the states who have Constitutional Amendments banning same sex marriage, mine being one of them. Thank God some people realized that it's not about the sex, if sex was taken out of the equation by those who oppose it they would probably be for it.

Tedi B said...

Rock on NY! Good for them. It was an interesting show last night with the breaking news.

Also went and read the blog's response to AC and it's pretty juvenile, but not everyone understands that sometimes things are supposed to be "humorous".

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

@TediB the Publisher of the Daily Caller is Tucker Carlson, need I say more. It just goes to show you some sites, especially like the DC don't do their research and take things at face value, that's why I never read 'em.

judy said...

Tucker Carlson is a half-wit who couldn't even make on DWTS.
Having said that, presumably, AC knew in advance that Carlson is the publisher, and he did put him on the Ridiculist.
Carlson in turn went after his ratings or lack there of.
Something tells me, AC better develop a thicker skin for his daytime show. Not everyone in the "biz" will have his best interest at heart. There are others out there besides Carlson Tucker with the same mentality, unfortunately.