Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Mother of Penicillin?

GINGRICH UNDER FIRE, Faces fresh financial questions: Melanie Sloan and Shannon Travis


Part 1

Part 2

TALES OF TERROR INSIDE SYRIA, Refugees at Syrian camp talk to CNN reporter: Arwa Damon reporting

THE TALE OF THE TATTOO, Bombshell testimony in the Casey Anthony trial: Gary Tuchman reporting

FOLLOW UP: Paul Henderson and Andrea Lyon

Isha Sesay

*THE RIDICULIST: Crystal Harris

*Here's the 'Sweet Mother of Penicillin' reference. Anderson Cooper have we told you lately how much we love you and your ridiculist sense of humor?


Here's part 2 of Mike Ahern's One on One interview with Anderson that was done in Indianapolis last month:

A few high Res pictures from last night's debate.
Photographer: David S. Holloway
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Anderson is scheduled to be honored by The National Wildlife Federation banquet in Beverly Hills, CA tomorrow night.

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ACAnderFan said...

The RidicuList was great. Loved Anderson making fun of Crystal Harris for not wanting to marry Hugh Hefner. That had to be one of the funnier ones. I'm sure in time she'll be back with him though.

Part II of Anderson's interview with Mike Ahern is rather interesting.

judy said...

OK, if Casey Anthony takes the stand, I will watch the trial on HLN.
As Gary Tuchman predicted, it will be "must see television." And I have to see for myself how she wiggles and cries and lies and those oh so phony allegator tears are just too much.
But Mommy, her mother, did a very poor job in raising her own daughter to be as selfish and spoiled as she is. That we know as fact, possibly the one fact that we actually do know.
I found "The Shot," far funnier than the ridiculist and so did Isha whose mascara was running she laughed so hard. (I didn't see it on the blog post) Now that was a funny bit and it was hard to imagine that AC "didn't get it," at first.
Glad to see Arwa Damon reporting. This woman is a real wonder and flies under the CNN radar far too frequently. She must be recognized more for her achievements and they are many in the Middle East.
Also found the interview with Bill Maher well done. Something tells me that AC and Bill are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but that's fine...and equally entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I just couldn't be in a serious mood on Tuesday; my favorite parts of 360 were the Bill Maher interview and the Ridiculist.

There are a few websites talking about Cheney participating in a "canned hunt" a few years ago; the bred-in-captivity pheasants weren't shot in a cage but shot as they flew out of the cage. That's not hunting and that's not sportsmanship.

Crystal Harris, you made the right decision.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? That award say June 15 in Beverly Hills. Isn't that today? Anderson tweeted he is on his way to DC for a few hours for his new show then back for 360, but maybe he is flying to LA right from there? or maybe he doesn't have to be there to accept the award?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who stayed up till the end of the second hour? there was a "building up America" piece, about a guy who collects all kind of strange old stuff and uses it to attract customers to his business. Anyway, after it ended AC said something like:"I wonder if he has punching bags - I'm looking for an old punching bag, wonder if he has any". Sarah

aries moon said...

Totally agree with Judy about Arwa Damon, she's been doing incredible and risky work for CNN for years and is one of their most valuable assets--her reports are always in the must-see category.

I usually tune out 360's reporting on Casey Anthony, but AC's discussion with Paul Henderson and Andrea Lyon was actually pretty engrossing.

Always like seeing Bill Maher on 360 even though he made a few remarks near the end of the interview that I didn't think were entirely fair.

The past few Ridiculists have been really hilarious and well written and the Shot was quite funny, that reporter must've wanted to crawl into a hole after his Dalai Lama joke fell flat.

Anonymous said...

@judy the Prosecution has rested and the Defense starts their case tomorrow, but I doubt Casey will take the stand. Her attorney really made a mess of this case by accusing her father of anything. I don't know how he will clean everything up, but it should be interesting to watch. There should be a verdict by the end of the month, hopefully. At least this trial did not take months like the OJ trial, which never seemed to end and this judge is simply the best I have ever seen.