Wednesday, June 01, 2011

That's What Happens When You Hang Around With Anderson Cooper

Report by Anderson Cooper

CONGRESSMAN TWITTER SCANDAL Rep. Weiner says he did not send lewd photo to woman: Interview by Wolf Blitzer

TWEET OR TRICK? Rep. Weiner denies tweeting lewd picture: Discussion with Wolf Blitzer, Paul Begala and Gloria Borger

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay



Report by Anderson Cooper

BOY KILLED IN CUSTODY 13-year-old tortured by Syrian authorities: Interview with Razan Zaitouneh

UPRISING IN SYRIA: Discussion with Fouad Ajami and Anne-Marie Slaughter

THE RIDICULIST: William Tapley



An anonymous tipster sent us a link to another interview Anderson did while in Indianapolis this weekend.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got the link I sent in. I am really sick of the Weiner story. I am not a Dem or Rep, or tea party, I vote for the best person regardless of party. I wish Anderson had covered something else

ACAnderFan said...

I am so over this Anthony Weiner story. Actually I never found it interesting. I wish 360 would move on from this stupid/pointless story. Surely there is something else they could talk about. 360 wasted 26 minutes talking about this story that is just stupid. Actually I didn't think 360 was good at all. The only part I liked was the RidicuList. Ity was funny and that guy is nuts for thinking everything looks like "male parts".

Really liked the interview Anderson did in Indianapolis this weekend, though I'm not quite sure I believe him when he says he's at a point in his life where he doesn't want to travel as much.

judy said...

Have to agree with both commenters, did we really have to hear about Weiner and his "weiner,"
as Jon Stewart would say.
And speaking of Jon, again, he had a must see show tonite...all over Sir Trump and the way not to eat pizza in the Big Apple!
Have to say it again, Jon Stewart is brilliant and so are his writers.
Getting back to AC, perhpas he should have called his new show "Hanging With Mr.Cooper," although if I remember correctly, there was a sitcom by the same name. It IS quite fitting and the best part of the program was his banter with Isha.
I do believe he doesn't want to travel as much. This is just my opinion, but something happened in Haiti. I don't know anything. I just got that impression.

aries moon said...

Rep. Weiner may or may not have sent those photos, I'll reserve judgment until we get definitive proof, but one things for certain, Anderson, Wolf and others in the media seem to be downplaying right wing blogger Andrew Breitbart's long and proven history of fabrications and fraud. Has Anderson forgotten about Sherry Sherrod and his OWN findings about Breitbart and the damaging games he plays? If anyone should be under investigation it's Breitbart and why these news organizations continue to buy his baloney and give it legitimacy is beyond me.

The report on the death 13 year old Hamza and the Syrian governments actions was appalling and heartbreaking.

Loved the Ridiculist--that guy needs to stay out of airports and find himself a good psychiatrist.

Thanks for the AC interview. I also think he may be trying to slow down and travel less--whether he can accomplish that remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

I am more and more disappointed with CNN's use of Breitbart, who is not reputable in any sense. Jon Stewart is brilliant and even though his show is comedy, he manages to offer more pertinent and insightful commentary than CNN does---what gives with that?
AC needs to give more attention and effort to 360. Something is going to crash, if not him, then his show....particularly if Brian Williams' future show is in the same time slot. I am also concerned that being responsible for two daily shows and the part time responsibility to 60 minutes will be too much and all three will suffer. I hope he hasn't over-reached.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video from Indy.

Sounds like to me he is ready to travel less and IMO that will effect 360, cause I don't see how he will be able to go to breaking stories and have a daytime show. I hope he proves me wrong.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Ready to travel less. LOL!He is in Toronto at the upfronts. AC 360 will be from there tonight.

Anonymous said...

Please fill us in on the "upfronts?"