Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse is baaaccckkk...

Anderson opened AC360 with a 'Keeping Them Honest' report on politicians behaving badly amid the news that Rep. Anthony Weiner stepped down today.

WHERE WEINER WENT WRONG, Could the congressman have kept his job?: Anderson's follow up discussion with Dana Bash and Melanie Sloan

WHAT'S NEXT FOR WEINER: Anderson's discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky

KTH - I'M ALSO UNEMPLOYED: A report by Anderson Cooper

ROMNEY: "I'M ALSO UNEMPLOYED" - Dems fire at GOP pres. candidate over joke: Anderson's discussion with Tony Blankley and Cornell Belcher

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay


CASEY ANTHONY DEFENSE BEGINS, Questions on Caylee's paternity, forensic evidence: A report by Gary Tuchman and Gary's follow up discussion with Anderson

CASEY ANTHONY'S WEB OF LIES, Credibility on the line in the murder trial: Anderson's discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky

CASEY ANTHONY DEFENSE BEGINS, Questions about paternity, incest and forensic science: Anderson's discussion with Andrea Lyon and Paul Henderson

The RidicuList - William Tapley....Yet Again ~



Anderson was in Washington DC on Wednesday for meetings regarding his new daytime talk show ~

He stopped by ABC7/WJLA-TV. Click here for an short interview from Politico.

And then it was on to the National Press Club for 'Lunch with Anderson'

Segment 4 of Mike Ahern's One on One with Anderson Cooper:

Anderson answered another question about his new talk show ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The shot and The RidicuList were both very funny tonite! Loved during the shot when Anderson commented on the Mini Cooper and said, "I hope they're talking about the car." He has a dirty sense of humor and I love it.

The RidicuList was great. William Tapley is a nut bag. Now he's going after street names? The man has serious issues. Loved the olive branch graphic...too funny!

Part IV of Mike Ahern's interview with Anderson is really good. This is one of the better interviews I've seen done with Anderson.

judy said...

Glad Weiner finally came to his senses and resigned. Maybe his wife has more common sense than he does and something tells me we haven't seen the last of him.
He will reemerge in some form or other. Don't they all?
Which brings me to John Edwards' "mug shot" yesterday on 360. Of course he was smiling and it didn't look like a mug shot.
He's and egotistical actor and the mug shot shows Mr Ego with his hair all tidy and trim.
Has HE learned anything? NO. HE'S just sorry he got caught.
(After all, HE DID IT, when his wife was in remission) and therefore he has nothing to feel the least bit guilty about. It's US who have him all wrong. (The swine.)
Which brings me to Doctor Drew's analysis of Weiner and Casey Anthony.
Is everybody who does something wrong Dr. Drew, an addict?? Soon they'll be a new reality show that AC can host called: Name That Addict. And I bet AC would be really good at it since he seems to recall banal trivia.
The Politico interview and Comments on the subject of AC's daytime show are rather interesting.
Commenters HERE should read them.

aries moon said...

I'm disappointed that Rep. Anthony Weiner decided to resign--he was reckless and displayed terrible judgement, but have been worse acts committed by politicians that sometimes go unpunished and often the media will put entirely too much focus on a salacious story like Weiner's and completely ignore a more significant issue that may have a major impact on people's lives--there was an excellent article in Salon about this. The 360 KTH report was also good and an important subject for them to cover.

Ahh, the Ridiculist. If AC wanted to mock Third Eye Blind Guy of the Apocalypse every night and have it be as funny as Thurday's edition, it would be fine by me, but I don't think he can top it.

Anonymous said...

@judy - just followed your recommendation and read the politico interview and comments. I have to say that I too am a little skeptic about this idea of AC doing a day time show. Despite his explanation, I still don't get why he would even consider that. I truly hope that I'm wrong, after all so many experienced people in the industry joined the production team. I guess they know what they are doing, still it seems like a bad idea to me. Why would a reputable prime time journalist choose to do a day time show, where people discuss issues like diet, anti-aging, fashion and interview people that some of them occasionally star on the Ridiculist... I hope I will prove myself wrong in September. Sarah

Anonymous said...

@Sarah: To me it's like taking an arrow and shooting yourself in the foot, for no apparent reason.
I too, hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people think Anderson is not capable of having a very good daytime talk show? I am really looking forward to the show. They have hired some very good and experienced producers and Anderson is working hard promoting the show to various networks.

Anonymous said...

That's just the point.
AC has to "promote his show to various networks in order to convince them he's viable."
Katie Couric had the network executives and affiliates "coming to her."
No one had to convince anybody about Katie.
Everyone was sold on the idea before hand because she has a track record of talk from her former morning gigs.
AC did morning talk with Kelly.
Not the same and he never flew solo.