Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday June 30, 2011

We received notice today that Anderson will lead the network’s team of reporters from Cape Canaveral, FL for the special coverage of the final launch of the United States Space Shuttle program. Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch at 11:26 a.m. (ET) on Friday, July 8th.

As we know from Anderson's tweet on Wednesday he's on his way to do a new 60 Minutes report from Cuba.

Dr. Gupta was in the anchor chair tonight and here's a rundown of the program:

Topic: Japan nuclear cover-up
Panel: Kyung Lah and Michael Friedlander

Topic: Prescription Drugs Online
Reporter: Drew Griffin

Topic: DSK Case in Trouble
Reporter: Susan Candiotti
Follow-Up: Jeff Toobin

Topic: Casey Anthony Trial
Reporter: Martin Savage
Panel: Linda Kennedy Baden and Sunny Hostin

360 News & Business Bulletin: Isha Sesay

Hope you like our abbreviated outline of AC360 because starting next week it will be our new normal. With the talk show starting in September we need to streamline a bit since we plan on covering both programs. We will post both programs in the abbreviated format and add any extras we find throughout the day.
Please understand this is a work-in-progress for us and will probably require some tweaking along the way. Please be patient, but feel free to offer your feedback in comments. We love to hear from you!

Since we're ATA lite tonight we'll give you a serving of extras with the program rundown.

During AC's appearance at PromaxBDA: The Conference 2011, he discussed how the format of his new daytime talk show, Anderson, will be different from his cable news programs.

Anderson confessed his love for the Real Housewives franchise and told a story about getting drunk-dialed by NeNe Leeks.

AC confessed to loving Hoarders, Cheaters and more.

Cooper joked about appearing on Celebrity Jeopardy! – and losing to Cheech Marin

Anderson joked about the ages of his coworkers at 60 Minutes.

Anderson Cooper discussed the overlap between daytime and hard news, and how that will impact his upcoming new daily syndicated program Anderson.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I am looking forward to Anderson's talk show. At first I didn't think it was such a good idea, but now I think its a great idea and will suit his personality well. It'll be nice to see his lighter side. I really like when he's funny and not so serious.

Anonymous said...

I wastched most of Thursday's 360 with Sanjay Gupta. A few things stood out.

A small group of people vs. Google because prescription drug addicts can easily get their drugs through sleazy online pharmacies they find on Google. 1. These people will find those online pharmacies even without Google. 2. There's plenty of other illegal stuff you can find on Google. 3. It's like shooting the messenger instead of the online pharmaices or helping people deal with drug addiction.

Sanjay touted that 360 had video of Casey Anthony when she was a child (at some school event it seemed). Big deal. I hope they didn't have to pay anything to broadcost those five seconds. And second, the report about the trial centered on the testimony of George Anthony's (alleged?) mistrisss who told the court what George told her. Now I'm no lawyer but isn't that heresay?

The show ended with a repeat of the Ridiculist of Anderson ridiculling Stephen Colbert, in honor of Colbert getting his own official PAC today. Still good the second time around.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch the PromaxBDA videos on the better computer.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Phebe, once Anderson is back in the anchor chair and doing the RidicuList will it be included in the post? I think it would be a good idea to include the RidicuList.

pebbles said...

I am very pleased to know that you will be covering his daytime talk show too. I really could count on ATA when it comes to AC. I don't live in the US so I won't be able to watch it. In behalf of your international readers, Thank you!

judy said...

Phebe: I too am glad that you will be covering his daytime show because I will not be watching it.
I make it a habit of not watching daytime TV. Never have and never will and that includes Anderson.
Thanks for the extras.
It might have been nice if we had heard a little more from Erica and they actually had a conversation.
I do hope AC actually converses with others with his daytime program.
Liked having Sanjay take over 360.
Managment must have noticed the spike, ratings wise when Sanjay is on. He's the only one I will listen to when there is a substitute and the only one capable of holding his own on the show.

Phebe said...

@Jaanza, We're counting on readers doing just what you did tonight, fill in the blanks that we outline. Thank you.

@ACAnderFan, It's a work in progress and we're not totally sure. The Shot & The List probably won't be part of the nightly post but may be posted later the next day/morning as an extra. We may be selective and just post the ones we think worthy, it all depends on how much time the tea members have that particular day.

@pebbles, We've heard that AC's talk show will be available for online viewing. But we hope you still come back to ATA for the highlights and the extras.

Anonymous said...

Judy, I missed most of last night's show so forgive me for asking a silly question - who is Erica? I thought Isha did the news lately, or is this a different Erica you're talking about. Again, since I missed the show, I'm out of the loop!


Anonymous said...

Phebe, I am so glad that you are going to be covering Anderson's daytime show as well. I, like a lot of people work days, so I usually can catch the nightime show either at the live hour or the replay hour, but won't get to see much of the daytime show.

Thanks to the whole ATA team for keeping this blog going with all your hard work.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Why is Anderson doing anything to do with the space program, that is totally ridiculous. I know he's going to model the latest in space wear. Having him do this is a slap in the face to people like Miles O'Brien who has background in this area. Looks like they are putting him the forefront again to promote the network and his new show. Better if he stuck to things like wars and disasters, but no it's Jo Klein and the golden boy all over again.

CNN IS NOT the most trusted name in News - they don't even know what news is anymore.

Anonymous said...

@9:40AM: Erica is the young woman AC is talking to in the Promax video.
She used to be AC's sidekick and she was very good. They were very compatible.
She has since moved on to host the morning show on CBS.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm a newcomer to ATA. I absolutely love the site, but was wondering if there was a reason why I am having trouble viewing the video posts? Thanks!