Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight on AC360

Mark Lippman, the lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony will be a guest on tonight's Anderson Cooper 360. There is intense interest in Lippman as last night 360's Gary Tuchman reported Lippman's clients don't think their daughter is innocent.


Anonymous said...

The only way this would be better is if the Anthony parents themselves were interviewed. I know some people are sick of this case but I'd like to hear what Lippman says. Look for the parents to do a big interview with Diane Sawyer or 60 Minutes after the trial is over.

Going out on a limb #1 - I'm hoping Mark Fuhrman writes a book about Casey Anthony. Fuhrman was vilified during the OJ Simpson trial for use of the n-word. However, he didn't do it a lot and appears to have paid dearly for it. Since then he has become an author and wrote some terrific books including one about the Martha Moxley murder.

Going out on a limb #2 - The Shot today will be a clip of that border collie in England who's afraid of sheep. Border collies were bred specifically to herd sheep but this one won't do that.


Anonymous said...

Jaanza have you seen the video of the dog with 4 artificial limbs - that should be the Shot. I read the book on the Martha Moxley murder and I agree that it was great.

As for Casey it is getting more bizarre by the minute.

aries moon said...

Using the N-word once is too much and that goes for everyone who says it--it's an ugly, hurtful word that shouldn't be used by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mark Fuhrman employed by Fox News? Or at least was.
As far as I'm concerned Mark Fuhrman is no go to person for me now or ever.

Tedi B said...

I'm very interested in hearing what Lippman has to say. I have been following the case. As Dr. Drew has been saying on his show..trying to figure out Casey is an interesting puzzle. Human nature is fascinating to me and she is sure hard to figure out. We'll probably never know the real story of what happen to poor little Caylee but a lot of people are figuring out the basic story,it appears.