Tuesday, June 07, 2011

War, Murder and Abuse, Plus a Little Weiner

LATE ADDITION: Anderson tweeted this morning that he had a very early flight to Las Vegas for a talk show meeting then he'll be heading to Los Angeles. Tonight's AC360 will originate from LA.

WEINER OUTLOOK MURKY, Fellow Dems mum on support: Paul Begala, Dana Bash and David Gergen

UPPING THE ANTE IN LIBYA, 60 NATO missile strikes in Tripoli today: Dan Rivers, James 'Spider' Marks and Anne-Marie Slaughter

CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRAIL, Cadaver dog smells human decomposition in Anthony's car: Gary Tuchman reporting & discussion followed with Dr. Michael Hunter and Jean Casarez

Part 1 of a 3 part series by Anderson Cooper about the government funded program at UCLA during the 1970's.


THE RIDICULIST: People who talk and text at the movies


Another picture of Cooper from last night's CDFA Awards

The Daily Mail had a write up today of Anderson's participation at last night's CFDA ceremony:

Hosting something as prestigious as the CFDA awards is an honour usually only reserved for the most fashionable of celebrities. So you'd be forgiven for wondering what style credentials CNN anchor Anderson Cooper possesses to be given such a privilege. Although he appeared on stage only twice at Monday night's Council of Fashion Designers of America awards - to open the ceremony and to introduce the Lady Gaga award - he ensured that he informed guests exactly why he deserved to be standing there. Dressed in a dark Ralph Lauren Black Label suit, the handsome anchor revealed he had once been a childhood model.And for the most sceptical of audience members, who are used to only seeing him on the front line or behind a desk, he flashed up some head shots of his modelling days. The black and white picture - showing a young, broody, dark-haired Cooper - drew laughter from the audience.But it had the desired effect - he had proved his qualifications to the audience at the fashion version of the Oscars as proof of why he deserved to be acting master of ceremonies. That, and the fact that he is a long-time friend of CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg, and that he is the son of designer jeans magnate Gloria Vanderbilt.Cooper has also worked as a fit model for both Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. He joked with the audience: 'There was no way you'd be critical, or that's what Diane said, anyway.'Before the ceremony he joked: 'I'm not sure I'm qualified. I'm completely unfashionable.'

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ACAnderFan said...

The sissy boy piece on 360 was so good. Its sad that his parents actually thought that "experimental therapy" was good idea. Kraig's parents should be ashmaed of themselves for doing that to their kid. You love your kid for who they are, not try and change them to what you want them to be. Stories like this are what I like to see on 360. What first drew me to 360 was the obscure stories that you really wouldn't hear about anywhere else. Its about time 360/Anderson did another story like that.

Funny RidicuList. That woman was so drunk the next day she probably had no idea what she had done. I'm glad she clarified that we live in the Magnited States...LOL!

The pic of Anderson as a child model is very cute :)

judy said...

Anthony Weiner needs to see the light and resign.
Sorry. You can't have it both ways, behave like a child and apologize and then expect to continue assuming your duties as an elected official.
This is just another example of people who use poor judgement and abuse their positions because they can. Weiner needs more than a slap on the wrist.
The "Sissy Boy," piece is interesting in the context of the time in which the therapy was given.
Forty years ago this was acceptable behavior for the parents of this child and that was the correct terminology for a child who had feminine traits: "sissy."
As much as we might think our culture has advanced, there are still places right here in the USA today, that believe "talk therapy," can reverse a child's tendencies, and parents who are too ashamed to admit otherwise.
Thanks again for extras.
USA Today is reporting that Lady Gaga upstaged the fashion events of last nite.