Sunday, June 05, 2011

Weiner, Palin & Paris...Oh My!

REP. WEINER 'I HAVE NOT BEEN HONEST', NY Democrat admits Tweeting lewd photo, won't resign: Paul Begala, Mary Matalin and Dr. Laura Berman

REVISITING REVERE, Palin not backing down on her version of history: Douglas Brinkley

FORENSIC EVIDENCE IN CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL, Scientists say signs of human decomposition in car trunk: Gary Tuchman reporting

FOLLOW UP: Dr. Michael Hunter and Jean Casarez (truTV)




Our sister blog, All Things CNN, had some less than stellar ratings news for AC360 last week. For the 10 PM hour AC360 was last. In fact CNN was last in all three prime time hours last week. Part has to do with the huge ratings bump HLN has gotten from the Casey Anthony trial but we're not sure if that explains it all.

A picture of the dog and pony show from Friday night was posted on Anderson's Facebook page:

And three pictures taken on Friday were posted over the weekend on JustJared:

Anderson hosted the Fashion Council's CFDA Awards tonight at Lincoln Center. Here are a few pictures from Just click on the link for more.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't like 360 last nite. I don't care about Weiner, or Palin. I am really looking forward to the Sissy Boy piece that;s supposed to air tonite. That looks like its going to be really good.

The RidicuList was very good tonite. I love when Anderson gets sarcastic about Paris Hilton. I hate to admit it but I actually do like her new show "The World According to Paris."

The Just Jared pics of Anderson are very nice. His arms are looking really!

Tedi B said...

Weiner...what a winnie! ;p

judy said...

Don't know which was funnier tonite, AC/360 or TDS, but it was close and yes, the subjects were exactly the same.
Why does it surprise everyone that it was Weiner's weiner after all.
I called for his resignation on ATC last week!
Call me a prude but when you take time away from serving your constituency with nonsense, and self absorbed nonsense at that, you've done a disservice to those who elected you to do a job.
Paul Begala didn't look too pleased either I must say and really did we need the "Sex Therapist" to tell us all what we already know.
I thought Jon Stewart sent her from his show as a fake correspondent.
And Sarah. Oh Sarah. When you look stupid to those at Fox, it's time for you and Roger Ailes to have a little talk about your STUPIDITY!
If Chris Wallace is laughing at YOU, it's as, Paul Begala would say, "Game Over."
Yes, AC we know, you don't like Paris Hilton. We get it.
But the most interesting portion of the segment wasn't your take.
Paris was on the Oxygen channel.
Isn't that Oprah's channel??
I know her station is doing poorly, but really did Winfrey really need to hire HER?
Thanks for the extras. Where's AC's bike???

Anonymous said...

Oxygen channel is not Oprah's. OWN is her channel.HLN is really being helped by that trial. CNN is being killed by it though.

Anonymous said...

I saw plenty of news about Anthony Weiner all over the place earlier so I didn't pay much attention to Anderson's coverage of it. It's bad for Weiner but I'm glad he's not resigning; there have been politicians who have done worse and stayed in office (Vitter from Louisiana, anyone?).

The segment on Sarah Palin getting Paul Revere totally wrong was well done and Douglas Brinkley was great. I enjoyed it.

But The Ridiculist was the best part of the show. It seems like this was the one cut from Friday's 360 and I'm happy Anderson saved it for Monday.

Love that last photo of Anderson.


aries moon said...

Rep. Weiner was reckless and stupid.

Breitbart is still a slime.

I wouldn't mind seeing Dr. Laura Berman instead of Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew on 360.

Don't care about the Casey Anthony trial.

Palin and Paris are idiots.

AC looks great in all the pics.

Anonymous said...

@Judy, Oxygen was the old Oprah network which she abandoned when they took it in a different direction than what she wanted. And it doesn't seem that the new network is faring much better.

I did not see 360 last night except for the Ridiculist, after watching the whole Photo/text stuff unfold last week I refused to take part in anything more with it. When Twitter fights start and comments people make on news sites become about the commentator and not the story I quit.

Anonymous said...

While generally these aren't topics I'd like to see given much time, I can understand the news value of Weiner and Palin is a potential republican candidate. Since the media has felt a need to cover her "family vacation," I am glad they're covering her stupid ramblings.

At any rate, I thought 360 did a good job of not getting too salacious and found all the topics (Weiner, Palin, Anthony, RidicuList) to be interesting and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 6:16 AM: I knew Oprah had something to do with Oxygen but didn't know exactly what.
Yes, it is OWN now and that doesn't seem to be doing much better.