Thursday, July 07, 2011

AC360 Live From Kennedy Space Center

Anderson Cooper was back in the anchor chair and live from the Kennedy Space Center. Tonight's run down ~

New Insight on the Casey Anthony Trial Verdict: Anderson Cooper report & follow up with Jean Casarez

What Happened in Court Today: Report by Martin Savidge

Casey Anthony Sentencing: Discussion with Marcia Clark & Andrea Lyon

Public Outrage Over Anthony Going Free: Report by Tom Foreman

What's Next For Anthony Family: Discussion with Mark Lippman

BREAKING NEWS: Anthony release date moving to July 17th

Rescue Team Considers Suing Anthony: Discussion with Tim Miller,member of search team

360 Bulletin: Joe Johns

Debt Deal Showdown: Anderson reports & discussion with David Gergen & Jessica Yellin

Latest on the Atlantis Shuttle Launch: Anderson reports

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Nice to see Anderson back. The show was better than I thought it would be since most of it focused on Casey Anthony. The clock behind Anderson was incredibly distracting. Anytime there is a clock on TV I will always look at it and this one was way too big to ignore. They needed to have Anderson in a different location away from the clock.

judy said...

Good to see AC back in the saddle, so to speak.
Every time I listen to Marica Clark I change my mind about the Anthony case.
At first I thought she was guilty, then I felt the jury did the just and honorable thing because no DNA was found, and now I think they were lazy and took the easy way out.
Marcia wrote an op ed piece in USA Today where she says in Scotland you can have three different verdicts: Guilty, Not Guilt or Not proven. That did it for me. I go for the third and we should have that here. And Marcia should be the next Nancy Grace. She's not as dynamic but she knows court procedure better than anyone and she always makes her case vividly.
The prosecution in this case wasn't half as interesting as the team in the OJ case.
I think AC spent a lot of time on the Anthony verdict because of mass appeal and John King's high ratings as his sub. Just speculation of course.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's back! Yay! He looked great

Lots of good information about the Casey Anthony case. So much info that maybe nobody will have to talk about it at all tomorrow?

Casey will hide out for a while but of course will have a big exclusive interview with whoever can offer her the biggest bucks. And then those bucks will be taken by the state of Florida, the Texas search team and the maligned alleged babysitter.

The Ridiculist about Willie Nelson was not one of Anderson's best ones but it did have a few good lines.

Thanks Judy for answering my question yesterday about CNN's finances. I'll just have to wonder some more about why CNN is changing the lineup.