Friday, July 22, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, July 22, 2011

Isha Sesay opened AC360 with two Breaking News stories before the pre-taped special aired ~

Boehner Walks Out on Debt Talks with President Obama: Isha & Jessica Yellin

Twin Terror Attacks in Norway: Isha speaks with Ian Dutton, Eyewitness

Anderson Cooper Special Report - Crime & Punishment, Notorious Crimes: A pre-taped special of previously aired crime and punishment segments (some from last fall)

Dear CNN,

Just because Anderson Cooper takes a vacation doesn't mean the news stops on Thursday. I don't want to see previously aired segments (some months old) that weren't really news to begin with. (Pssst.... cable has other channels for people interested in cold cases.) Please find another anchor to fill in on Friday's too, and give us a live news hour; Isha Sesay is more than capable.


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Anonymous said...

I can understand CNN/360 broadcasting a lame documentary on a nice Friday summer night it it's a slow news day. But Friday was not a slow news day, big stuff going on from the President / Boehner / federal budget to the terror attack in Norway. And plenty of other news out there.

Maybe all the usual substitute anchors had other plans but what about somebody new?

I'm not sure if Isha is ready. During the 7 or 8 minute news bulletin at the start of the hour she stumbled twice.

And I didn't like how she "talked" to Dutton in Norway as if they were having a live conversation. Dutton's responses were taped, the same answers given to Blitzer and King. I don't know who made that decision but it was annoying. Why not just say "Here's what an eyewitness, Ian Dutton had to say about the attack" ?

Looking forward to seeing AC360 on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I have to totally agree with Wonz! I turned the channel when the "real" news was over! I'm not a news person and won't watch if its a rerun!