Monday, July 25, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 - Monday, July 25, 2011

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from Los Angeles on Monday night.

The Debt Crisis Speeches: Anderson Cooper and Jessica Yellin reporting
Panel: James Carville, Erick Erickson, David Gergen and April Ryan

Norway Massacre: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up discussion with Nic Robertson

DSK's Accuser Speaks Out: Segments played of Robin Robert's ABC exclusive interview
Follow up panel: Jeff Toobin and Christopher Dickey (Newsweek & Daily Beast)

Amy Winehouse: Anderson talks with Dr. Drew Pinsky

AC360 News & Business Bulletin: Isha Sesay

The Ridiculist: Mariah Carey on HSN

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 wasn't too good last nite. The only good parts were The RidicuList and Anderson's discussion with Dr.Drew about Amy Winehouse. She was so talented, such a sad loss. I agree with Dr.Drew that these celebs don't really get the help they need because they make so much money for so many people and those people just want their money.

ACAnderFan said...

Oops forgot to mention it was nice to see Anderson back in the anchor chair even though he sounds like he has a cold.

judy said...

Before I fully forget this, in your summation you put Mariah Carey, HLN.
It should read HSN.
AC said not to mix the two of them up. Oops. But I admit, HSN is the lowest common denominator of shopping network. Surprised he went after them because his friend Barry Diller used to own HSN as well as the Q.
While I was listening to 360 tonite David Gergen mentioned an extension, if the Aug 2'nd deadline is not reached with some compromise. I did not know there could be an extension and thought it would be nice if AC and his producers could have a call in show like Larry King used to have.
Viewers could call in with questions relative to the broadcast. Or for his 8PM format he might like to have a 360 Overtime like Bill Maher. This is done online with questions from viewers. All in the name of interactive TV.
AC wants to connect and we have questions so the two could work out.
Liked Anderson's new promo for 360 8/8/8. Kind of catchy. EVEN I remembered it.

Anonymous said...

The debt ceiling/federal budget crisis is very important news… and oh so dull. Not complaining about 360 but everybody's budget reports have been pretty much the same thing for a couple weeks now.

I forget whether it was Jeff Toobin or Christopher Dickey who said the DSK case probably won't end in a conviction for the guy. Too many problems on several levels and the story was fading away until Diallo spoke to Newsweek and ABC. I don't know who to believe in this case but it will fade again until Diallo talks to Diane Sawyer.

The Ridiculist was amusing but I'm guessing I would have found it funnier if I ever watched HSN. So Mariah's ditziness wasn't business-as-usual for HSN?

Glad to see Anderson back; didn't even notice if he had a cold.

Belated thanks for yesterday's PlumpyNut videos.


Anonymous said...

Anderson, saw your take on Mariah
Carey,7/25/2011. What's up with the wacky diva and HSN?