Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC studio Thursday night, with the all the latest on the debt ceiling crisis.

Awaiting Vote on Debt Plan: Anderson Cooper
Panel: John King, Jessica Yellin, Gloria Borger
Interview with Rep Ron Paul (R)Texas
Interview with Rep. Steny Hoyer (D) Minority Whip

Update, No Vote Tonight: Kate Bolduan
Reaction by John King and Gloria Borger
Further discussion: Cornell Belcher and Carley Fiorina
Intrview with Rep Joe Walsh (R) Illinois
Further discussion: Jessica Yellin and Jeff Tooin

360 Bulletin: Tom Foreman

Live in the 11pm ET Hour:
More Discussion on the lack of a vote on the debt plan
Panel: Kate Bolduan, John King, Gloria Borger & Jeff Toobin

Anderson remained live with the segues for repeats of the Paul & Hoyer interviews before the program went to total repeat and ended with a Perry's Principle.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I could not get into 360 at all last nite. Good to see Anderson back in NY. He needs to go to the doctor. He sounds terrible.

judy said...

I found tonites show interesting if only for the wrong reasons.
Carly Fiorina lied during her debate with Cornell Belcher.
She kept saying that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and two other Democrats went to the POTUS on Sunday at 11:00 AM, when in fact, the President called the Speaker of the House, Boehner back, because he had walked away from a proposal put forth on Saturday afternoon.
He stormed out of the White House and that's when Obama held his first news conference and Boehner held his to reply.
Ms Fiorina has a lopsided memory it would seem, on her smiley face and Cornell should've held her feet to the fire.
On the other hand, our POTUS could still envoke the 14th amendment and someone must call HIM on this because this may very well be our country's last resort.
Those tea party newbees have a lot to learn about government and if one person should miss his social securtiy payment let's see how many newbees are ready and waiting to show their face.
All we need is a very angry mob to confront these brazen first termers. Let's see how fast they run.

aries moon said...

360 should include Jeff Toobin in all of their political panels because he always gets to the heart of the matter, speaks the truth and rarely sugarcoats--he just brings the facts. I don't care for Ron Paul or Carly Fiorina (sleazy fake plastered smile and dubious "facts"), but seeing Rep. Joe Walsh on 360 was truly laughable--can't take anything he says seriously considering that he can't even handle his child support issues. The Tea Party is causing headaches for Boehner, the GOP and the entire country and may ultimately prove the conservatives downfall--not that I have a problem with that. I can't recall Republicans in years past (prior to Bush/Cheney) behaving so irresponsibly and reckless.

DC woman said...

First time I tuned into 360 for a few weeks and found it interesting, the debate between Carly and Cornell was one of those yell at the TV times for me and I loved it. Carly was the one who made "open mic" comments about her opponent in the last election and made herself look like a fool and she reinforced that last night.

Judy the yea party group doesn't care because they're their only to make a point and know they will be gone by the next election. The people who voted for them don't matter and neither does this country. I hope that by 2012 Americans have long memories and will vote accordingly.

Some people keep saying over and over they can't get into 360 or don't care for what it is covering, well too bad, that's the way things are, so deal with it. If all you care about is Anderson being back on the air maybe it's time to examine your priorities and grow up. This is the real world people, something AC seems to understand, but not many fans.

Anonymous said...

@7:05 AM: You make a good point.
360 is a News broadcast and what is currently IN the news makes up the program.
It isn't a show, like theater, and as long as it is presented well, we shouldn't find fault with it.
Politics can be very interesting and frustrating!
But it is something you have to "grow" into to appreciate.