Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anderson Cooper & Angelina Jolie Part 3

Today's installment of the AC360 Special, Angelina Jolie: Her Mission & Motherhood, centers on the topic of Refugees; who they are and why Angelina has made helping them her mission.

We'll go live to Uganda to a refugee camp with 20,000 people right now sitting there, children struggling every day without a home, without a school, many without their parents. ...Angelina Jolie's ability to connect with individuals has helped us personalize a crisis that often defies comprehension. But if you want to see the magnitude of the problem, Uganda offers a case study. Years of civil strife there have brought senseless killings and so many rapes, thousands of children have been abducted and forced to take up arms by a ruthless rebel group called the Lord's Resistance Army.

COOPER: And why refugees? Of all the things -- I mean, there are so many causes around the world. There are so many problems. Why is it -- you're -- you're focusing on a problem which is almost intractable. I mean, there have always been refugees, internally displaced people. There almost, likely, will always be. ...I mean, I have always found that when you -- it's almost that term, refugees. You kind of make assumptions about who they are. But, in fact, they -- I mean, they are everyone. We all could be refugees at one point or another in our lives. And, all of a sudden, to have that lack of control, I always just find such a -- a sad thing.

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