Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anderson Cooper & Angelina Jolie Part 4

In today's installment of the AC360 Special Angelina Jolie: Her Mission & Motherhood, Anderson continues his interview with Angelina, some former CNN correspondents file reports relevant to the discussion and we get a glimpse of Anderson's reporting from his days at Channel One.

COOPER: Well, there are battles won in her fight. But, frankly, there are some battles where political differences or ethnic and religious grievances are so entrenched, or international influences so weak or unwilling, that the effort seems almost unwinnable. ...One such example is Darfur, in western Sudan, where the slaughter of Africans by Muslim militias, the janjaweed, they're called, has created one of the worst refugee catastrophes on the planet today. And it's happening right now.

COOPER: Ethiopia has been out of the headlines since the famine of the early 1980s. A drought in 1981 wiped out the harvest. And, by 1985, nearly one million Ethiopians had died of starvation. ...Live Aid raised more than $60 million. But, today, AIDS is killing the people of Ethiopia; 1.5 million there, almost 5 percent of the adult population, are HIV-positive. At least one million children are already orphans, because their parents have died of AIDS. In 2005, Angelina Jolie adopted an AIDS orphan, a little girl named Zahara, who's now 16 months old.

COOPER: That was me reporting back in 1994 in the genocide in Rwanda for Channel One News. ...Last year, more than 100,000 Rwandans were refugees. They're just a fraction of the 15 million refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. And what strikes you when you visit a refugee camp is the -- the will to survive. The people who, you know, by all rights should be hopeless and wake up without hope, they try to wake up every day determined to live, determined to -- to get home and find a new life, and create a life for their families. ...That's where my exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie picks up.

COOPER: Well, it's easy to feel that way once you've been to a place like the Congo and seen the unimaginable. Brutality so horrific that, well, it's unthinkable. While the civil wars ended in Congo, the violence there continues and so does the struggle to heal.

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COOPER: It is hard to imagine, but you have seen it with your even eyes. Coming up, more of my conversation with Angelina Jolie. We talked about stunning facts and numbers. Imagine a society where one out of four children die before reaching the age of 5. A reality that she and many others are fighting to change. ...And 360 M.D. Sanjay Gupta, on the challenge of providing health care to refugees created by natural and manmade disasters when the special edition of 360 continues, "Angelina Jolie: Her Mission and Motherhood."

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