Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anderson Gets A Shih Tzu Named After Him?

'Anderson' posted another video from their Team Meeting last week. In this one Anderson talks about people naming their pets after him ~

And The SHOT from AC360 (circa September 30, 2008) where Anderson & Randi first discuss the letter and show the picture to which Anderson refers in the above video ~

And more Talk Show News ~

'Anderson' added a section to their Website Wednesday, called "Tell Us Your Stories" (please click on the link to submit your story ideas)

We're Looking For Your Stories - If you know of an amazing story you'd like to see on "Anderson," please write to us. We're always interested in what our audience has to say, and we're always looking for interesting issues to explore.

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Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Anderson has surrounded himself with "Yes fangirls," on his daytime show.
Not one of those yes people will tell him the truth when things go south.
They're all a bunch of giggly fangirls just glad to be in his presense, at least from what we are able to see from the video.
Not a good beginning.

Anonymous said...

ATA thank you for keeping thing posted this week while AC is gone. It is nice to come here and see everything. Some of it I have not seen before.

I hope the rumors are not true that he is going to be off all next week as well, but guess he needs to get his vacation out of the way, cause once he starts the daytime show it will be harder for him to get away for long periods of time.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

One of his top producers is a man who came from ABC's morning show, the other was one of Oprah's top producers. I don't think they will be fangirls and not be straight with AC.

Anonymous said...

Oprah's top producer was a woman and happy to get a job that wasn't on OWN.
She is also a Cooper fan.
At the end of her reign Oprah was said to have surrounded herself with yes people.

Anonymous said...

What about the guy who quit ABC to join Anderson? Doubt he will be a yes person. It all depends on the stories and guest Anderson has on if the show will be good or not.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that AC won't be around next week as well?

Could someone confirm? But it does make sense because Aug 8 is offically Autumn.

Anonymous said...

"Yes" people survive better in corporate environment.

Anonymous said...

AC come back soon! Wo u @CNN, NYC is not hot enough