Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anderson Weighs In On Carmageddon

Anderson Cooper's Take on Carmageddon

Los Angeles - Anderson Cooper may be in New York, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have something to say about the 405 Freeway closure from afar.

Check out the three videos... and see if you agree with his take on the whole Carmageddon thing.

Anderson says he just doesn't get who thought it was a good idea to do it... and that it could be punishment for making the Kardashians worldwide celebrities.

Video 1~

Video 2~

Video 3~

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Anonymous said...

As a long time viewer of 360, I don't get AC any more.
Is he now trying to reinvent himself as a comedian?
What would happen if suddenly Jon Stewart or Bill Maher decided they wanted to be "real anchors?"
Viewers tune in to predictable characters. It throws them when someone decides to "show another side of themselves,"and it usually fails.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this side of Anderson! I can't wait for his new talk show! I don't understand why some people are upset he's not sticking to the hard news anchor type he's been on CNN for the last few years. If you look back at Anderson's career, he has always quietly shown this side of his awesome sense of humor, and he is now choosing to do more of the humor now, and I think it's great! It probably gets pretty depressing for him to only be covering disasters and wars for years and years..... he deserves to be able to down whatever path he chooses!

Anonymous said...

@11:37pm: "He deserves to down whatevver path he chooses."
You are correct, but his viewers don't have to go with him, and a lot of them wouldn't.
If his recent ratings are any indication, they aren't doing it already.