Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Night Lite

We posted the Promax clips of Anderson and Erica Hill yesterday. After interviewing Anderson at the Promax conference Wednesday Erica was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. Here's the video:

And while we're on the talk show subject, while digging way back in the dustiest corners of the ATA Vault we found a long lost clip of AC appearing on Conan in May of 2006. Enjoy!

And we'll leave you with some vintage AC & Erica. This first clip is from September 2009 and is the same video that AC and Isha showed again this week:

The last clip of the night is a classic that you never can see too much:

Have a great holiday weekend to those in the US.

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ACAnderFan said...

Thanks for post the clip of Anderson on Conan's show. Always nice to see old clips like that. I never get tired of hearing him tell the Steven Seagal story. Also love the Andergiggles!

I forgot about the Seaman Ship clip! Anderson needs to show it again just for the fun of it. I remember how obsessed he used to be with!

Anonymous said...

CNN just wasn't worth tuning into at 9 (CST). It was a repeat of Drew Griffin's show about Amanda Knox.

I didn't watch and I didn't get why they were airing it. Nobody is interested in the Knox story now. It's the Casey Anthony trial which is grabbing all the attention. Did CNN simply decide to give up and let HLN have all the viewers?

Thanks for all the fun videos. Anderson looked like he was having fun talking to Conan but geez, Conan, stop interrupting!


judy said...

Thanks for showing AC with Erica.
How quickly we forget their wonderful rapport.
Isha is smart and witty but AC was more of a mentor to Erica and she has become successful and very poised.
Enjoyed seeing her with David Letterman.
Agree. Why throw 360 out the window for a rerun of Amanda Knox?l

Anonymous said...

Who filled in for Anderson Friday night? (obviously, I did not watch).

pebbles said...

Awww, Anderson and Erica. I miss their witty banter. I remember the time Erica showed up via skype at the end of the program. That was the day when Anderson lost to Cheech in Jeopardy. You can clearly see he was really surprised and with that big smile on his face, he obviously was very happy to see Erica.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:02 AM - there was no 360 on Friday night. CNN had the Amanda Knox show that was already broadcast several times previously.

Amanda Knox is a young American woman accused of murder in Italy. I think she was found guilty and is in the middle of a re-trial.

The problem is that nobody cares about Knox right now. The big story is Casey Anthony, especially on Friday when there was big news concerning disproving an important piece of her mother's testimony.

It was like CNN just gave up the hour and headed out early for the big weekend.