Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Anchor Envy?

Mediaite was kind enough to do some Anderson Cooper research for us today and look what they came up with. Local Fox News anchor Derek James feels that Mr. Cooper has ripped off his Snooki report from 6 months ago for last night's Ridiculist. Here's this morning's video of his Charlotte show:

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the guy was just teasing Anderson? It looks like the whole Fox team was having fun with the coincidence though. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, does that poor local news guy thinks that doing 'dramatic readings' of silly or fluff books is an original idea he had? It's an obvious joke that gets done all the time. Whether it's good not lies in how you deliver it. And from the examples given, Anderson added extra humor in his, and morning news guy's was just the basic formula. Sorry Morning News Guy. I do like that he softened the blow by stealing Olbermann's shtick when he was accusing Anderson of stealing -his- shtick, though.